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Why i am getting Low Level Offers always in My account ? as well have special concern about the prices because its really high and in last 2 years of my game experience i didnt seen the reduction in it ....... is GGS have plan on it ? one more thing  every one knows that what is our storage capacity, its only 80k in each place which is not enough because if you want to sleep enough so you need a handsome amount of food in your castles otherwise you will suffer and will not b able to play next morning. so are we need to consider that game is effecting the human health through these type of things, this game is also effecting to our eyes because of need to stay active so what do you think its good enough for us ? yet other hand GGS offering us few ruby's against a big amount always, see the graphics level all graphics are tiny and not visible properly not looks attractive, they are inventing new and new things but all are heavy costly few of them are not Affordable even for a single time,  what is the logic and theme behind it i really dont know about it, but overall this game is against the Health and effecting to us in financial aspects, Regards Dr. Rana 
Wolf (ASIA1)
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