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  • He is here right now lol
  • Also there now are relic builditems craftable with Beyond the Horizon reward materials that can give up to another additional 60% flank and 60% front if you would max them
  • Am I the only one that thinks BtH is kinda allright? The only slightly unfair part about it, in my opinion would be that the reset time isn't optimal for everyone. For some people its around dinnertime, for some around midnight, and for some maybe around the time they wake up. But it seems as they attempt to fix that with…
  • There are solutions for that. For example: You will only keep your main, ice, sand and fire castle. OPs itself you will lose, but all the buildings go to global decoration storage. So its just capping 3 new ones putting the buildings back and done. RV's you just lose...will have to find new ones or buy private ones
  • Could you still please give the exact travelspeed of you commander. For me the times were wrong too awhile ago, and those are correct now, without me changing ally vip level subscriptions or commanders. So they did fix some part of it. Dont give hope up yet
  • I know it isn't. Personally I have no issues whatsoever. All the times are correct right now, since it was posted it was fixed. That's also the reason i cannot use my own data to look into this problem...there is no problem for me.
  • Two more things...what was the slowest unit/tool you sent? And red/blue equipment...how much travel speed is thst exactly? Red has a cap of 80 blue a cap of 90...but i need the exact percentage. Yes I know its their job but seeing as its not been fixed yet, maybe this can help
  • Can you maybe provide some more info. Like all the bonuses you have for travel speed I might miss some but i think that includes: -Equipment travel speed bonus -Hero travel speed when supporting bonus -Vip level bonus -Alliance subscriptions -Stable level -Alliance support boost upgrade If im missing some please reply to…
  • It is crying to me when you beg for compensation for stuff you didn't lose
  • I definitly know that but the people that would buy a ruby castle on berimond are usually not the people who would whine about a compensation for everyone. Thats why I assume you didn't buy a ruby a castle, lost nothing, and are just crying om the forums because you have nothing better to do
  • I think there is very little to compensate since no one actually lost anything due to this, since food is already frozen. And yes I know some might have bought the ruby castle in berimond which was actually lost, but thinking about how much it costs and how little of an advantage it gives, I have to think stuff like that…
  • @Lagertha in the official announcements section you mentioned yesterday that the Beyond the Horizon event wouldn't start then. Any idea when it will start?
  • As you say it, with 5 towers, defence offence lost ratio is 6:1. I doubt that 1 player has one sixth of the defence 65 players have.
  • Then put in more then 1 million defence
  • As said before King Eric doesn't announce anything. It has been stated pretty clearly that he no longer would be a few months back. If you want to keep believing in fairytales and then get mad everytime one doesn't turn out true, be my guest, but please dont kee complaining about it
  • Like me...stockpiled some ticketsa while back in case of war...guess they are worth less now Stonks
  • You cant send trains of attacks on them now bcos defense setup will change No skips is nice though
  • It is. Maps are identical, only the Outer Realms/Beyond the Horizon server is better so it can handle more connections at once Second option is already possible. Has been for quite a long time. Just e-mail support they can give you a new account full of stuff and delete your old one But the amount of rubies GG calculates,…
  • Sams is only here once a month. So it should be next one
  • Correct me if im wrong but isn't INT4 the only server without events? If they merge INT servers would some have events and others not? That doesn't seem fair Or would the merged server have no events? That doesn't seem fair to whatever server you are merging with, they would just lose their events. Or would the merged…