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  • Funny how a free look item a week or so ago is now 999 rubies one time offer same thing different name Tut tut tut inflation is a bitch
  • A good idea from the powers that be tickets to win decent useful prizes including a portion of scets towards the way to many needed for hall upgrades oh hang on its capped at 10k and the prize tier Is a anniversary 1 off about right as usual still at least they did something with the blacksmith ah no they haven't
  • So welcome to top ideas page this is for all our ideas to improve the game and make it fair for all please be aware that the powers that be will ignore them and make the game worse This post will probably be edited or deleted and my account get another warning aw well
  • That's put the final nail in my game coffin as expected theres no reversal on the blacksmith so because I've stopped spending money on this game and gge have decided to take away any decent way to compete it's not worth playing anymore good bye and good luck stopping the mass exodus 
  • Discussion was a few days ago now can we have some communication as to what's happening or happened or any outcomes like the result of the burning question of blacksmith
  • Materials Horizon based Materials is elitist and causes a divide so why not have a Materials shop where you can swap farm materials for fabric ect ect in small quantities you can still create good prizes for ranked positions in horizon
  • Crusher they will discuss it then because they are stubborn and pig headed they will not revert back the blacksmith as it was but they will try and fool us into a new updated plan which they will hope we believe good but all a while it's no better and again beneficial to gge
  • No one wants a understanding of the blacksmith changes they want it reversed to how it was which was fair
  • Totally agree trogdor it's a stall tactic if one person in my work place is unwell another steps up and fills the space temporarily and does a efficient enough job so it should be here
  • Fair play if he's unwell but more than 1 person can say to the gge powers that be to stop being greedy stubborn selfish ignorant people and undo the blacksmith mess amongst other issues
  • I guess the host of the q&a session is still ill or more likely in hiding as that person is hoping to brush this business under the carpet and they are hoping the angry masses go away so they can continue to update the game only for their gain and its demise
  • Cm Ill just before q&a session convenient More likely not wanting to face the barrage they created by their greed and selfishness in recent upgrades 
  • Looks like I will be joining the masses here top work gge you probably did a job on 99% of the remaining players most will now leave Only rebalancing your doing is in your bank accounts as you certainly don't care about the players playing your game Gge management read forum take note and act accordingly or do what you…
  • Scets have been reduced in alliance storm event for 200k team score its 18 not 35 this is a bloody joke 
  • This isn't exactly to do with the update but I need to moan I just found out that if your alliance reaches a certain score it stops and you go into a negative then once the event ends even if you win you have to ask for the prizes you SHOULD automatically win I think that's disgusting You don't see Usain bolt asking for…
  • Rubbish about mead troops sorry big spenders get everything alot quicker thus giving a big spender mead plus 5 or more instantly where those who dont spend or even spend little have to wait weeks or more for mead plus 1 meaning 50 troop strength immediately I see no positive in horizon comment either again to gain the…
  • So gge how are you going to rekindle the game Balance is key Fairness is key Equality is key New content is key And you have done probably the exact opposite to the above Four of my teammates have left since xmas because you have catered for the biggest spenders so much so the the rest have lost any enthusiasm I put in…
  • I had 70k losses due to issues with the food effect playing up
  • What I found is if you have a certain name which some snowflakes might find mildly offensive and you post some truths on here about faults in the game or gg lack of interest then gg respond obviously to the negative but at least it shows they are still breathing 
  • I see the build tokens for ranked rewards has been reduced unless your top 5