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  • Maybe they expect all of us to leave all our jobs and family, and just keep hitting NPCs for recovering that much amount of gold everytime haha. That's what the case has become for non-buyers. Ugh, why don't the devs just cancel free installation of the game and rather ask money for downloading, from starting itself. Last…
  • @bwm (IN1) Ah yes, that's the temporary solution for now. I hope they fix it asap. But this won't change the fact that in e4k, with every new update, there are new bugs to explore haha. Sadly, they seem to not fix a few old bugs as well and also not listen to what the community needs.
  • What's even the point of creating such threads of feedback when GG staff is least bothered about it? And oh woaw, new bug explored, can't send my market narrows with the extra capacity which I get from my castellan equipment. Please give us our old flags, we don't like the odd red and yellow ones in our castles.
  • Haven't received any KL rewards. Please bring Samurai event more often, this event is important to work in the cycle. Especially, when we don't have any NPC cool down global effect plus we're going low on the tokens(which can be earned in Samurai event) which let us activate rage and cool down bonuses.
  • Please bring back our original flags, the yellow and red flags look odd to me. And also, please keep a decent price for purchasing the 20% extra food production symbol on our flags. It's only achievable for players who spend big. 250k rubies for a symbol is quite insane. Purchasing it for coins would be great too!
  • And maybe someday for downloading the game we'd need the credit card too. xD
  • Maybe he's just tired of handling everything all alone. After all he's also a human. Forums are supposed to be addressed by a team of members who negotiate, understand things properly, and answer to the questions of players(irrespective of whether they pay or not). It gets difficult to manage so much individually when it's…
  • Mhmm. But why would he need to keep spamming about all that? He could've explained it all in one thread?
  • Dude, we played the event with our strategy and were placed top 600 and we didn't spend a penny throughout the whole event. Please be aware you're not the only smart one in the forum. Many of us opto for several strategies and have applied them. And yeah, of course, it beats up money, effort and ego as well. But throughout…
  • When would the Blade Coast bugs be fixed? Plus if E4K doesn't want us to play Samurai then why on Earth do we have to dethrone those tedious 500-600 defense targets for Samurai tokens? I just had like 157 Samurai tokens and for that I couldn't play Bloodcrow properly. The other option for dethrone? Oh please, why would you…
  • What are these posts for?
  • Oh no! But as per the description in the store, it says the game is completely free to play!!
  • Could someone please help in explaining the FTP workaround for Horizon? We can work in outers but what about horizons?
  • Thanks @Ivan Again (INT4) for the information. Ah, it definitely should be changed. I really needed those gems though.
  • Hello there. I didn't want to create a new thread for my query so I'll just ask it here. I have completed 240 duty points in daily tasks and have received only the commander gem of 5th tier in duty points but not the gems and tokens of the lower tiers. Why? Edit : Sorry, I had written castellan instead of commander.
  • These events are helpful for those who wish to test their PvP skills but dont want to create any war issues. That's coz whatever be the results, we don't face any losses on troops/tools. Since devs have made the game damn easy for spenders, but we also should keep in mind that not everyone can do these things overnight :-…
  • Pretty sure they'll end up saying we have no information regarding the event rotations as well as offer rotations.
  • The workaround for going back to main and then joining back the event isn't working at all! Lmao, if y'all ask me to send a support ticket now I'm pretty sure the reply would come just on time and very overwhelming too. Please fix this bug. I'm stuck while working my way around 3rd tier. Sometimes these bugs make me feel…
  • Lmao, they'll probably ignore all such feedbacks and come back to you with dem pop-ups and filthy offers haha
  • Lmao, legend says the game isn't about strategy anymore.