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  • Dear empire family,  We will have a short downtime around 15:00 CET to facilitate fixing the login issue some players have been reporting. This will be a usual downtime with food and boosters frozen by default. We will also fix the **invisible decor…
  • To discuss the July update please go here. 
  • Warriors, Due to technical reasons the update has been delayed to tomorrow between 10:00-14:00 CET.  
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I have the same issue with one of my accounts.  I even swapped US1 email to US2 vice versa.  Only one gets an email.  About once a year I try with support to the extent of creating new ones.   I suggest to keep trying.  Maybe soon i…
  • Personally, I prefer to play the wheel of influence to build mine.  Using same stats sorta of buy one but not same location, you can actually build a stronger one.  
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I will pass along the info.   US has same sync issue with offers. 
  • Personally and this is just me.  If you spent to push walls during this time, I would put a ticket in giving as much detail as possible.   While I realize this only affected a few people, customer support is the only ones able to help. 
  • Dear Lords and Ladies,  We noticed quite early on today that the Berimond Decoration issue surfaced in our current run of the Battle for Berimond. We immediately worked on a solution for this and implemented a hotfix shortly thereafter.  We highly…
  • Bug fixes are always being looked into. I am not entirely sure what you mean ghost troops and islands or perhaps it’s a translation error. Please explain more. 
  • You need to build your camp up with more drill guards which raises your moral. Raised moral increases combat strength of your troops. 
  • I will bring this up this week because a player in my alliance in outers had it happen.  I hope this isn’t a random bug like tools being moved off wall.  
  • (Image) Roll up, roll up, and see what we have for you throughout the day! Come one, come all, for we’ve got something super special. Over the course of today we will be featuring a number of fantastic 200% Prime Times.  Log in often so you don’…
  • Finally!  Yeah!  One down and many to go.  Let’s hope this is the plan.  I’m happy for everyone who struggled with this. 
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I said careful with “hits” and tool burning.  Now some do a good job building a proper cast and others don’t.  Tool burns often provoke building destroyers next or 150 incoming.  A lot depends on server and war.  I’m glad you always…
  • Ok it’s acknowledged and I will share concern.  
  • @"Ivan Again (INT4)" this should be fixed today.  Can you confirm for me if yours is resolved?
  • Relic casts Most should have relic casts by now if they have been clearing quests with each event.  Upgrading these is much easier than old EQ imo.   Team The biggest aspect in my opinion is a team that works together.  Support one another. Build…
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Support should be able to help you.  Since I didn’t take a screenshot even I am unable to tell on my account.  (Quote) 
Gather screenshots of alliance wins and send to support showing the missing increases. …
  • (Image) The scent of exotic spices and delicious tea waft around the bazaar. The Oriental Leaves is an event that allows players to earn special rewards by collecting teapots from enemy players. Attackers and defenders won't lose any tools, troops…
  • (Image) Riding with all haste your Guardian Lysimakos has returned in the dead of night with dire tidings. His far ranging scouts have discovered a threat to our Kingdom. Once again the fierce warriors of the Khan have taken the path of war and th…