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  • I just don’t see any direction or plan at all ? We used to play to earn these items - and then yes - big spenders could buy some of this by spending big. I remember working my behind off for that 20% cy and flank gem ... now I get 3 extra waves for a few rubies ?????? you create some sort of road map guidance or me and…
  • On holding pattern ... and cancelled my subscriptions ... You see hyper inflation and crazy changes in an economy you pull back and wait ... at this point just bringing back previous carts isn’t even good enough ... every price has been lowered by 50% or more in these deals ... 
  • Suggestion - The reset time should rotate since this is a global event ! Russia 2;30 am ...Germany 0:30am ... East coast us 6;30pm ... west coast 3:30pm The time around reset seems very important — so it should really rotate 3 hours ... make 21hrs instead of 24hrs
Interesting how people who spend some money .... which are also the ones who even make this game possible for you to play btw ... are always being bad mouthed. If a castle is abandoned ... why do you care ? I won’t send on them but so what At 6 waves you can not attack big alliances in a solo attack ... even with the…
  • You swap hall to D and put up a decent cast you will be fine ... but you can’t sit back and not stay up to date in casts ... everybody semi active should have 2 or more good relic casts now - if you don’t ... 
  • Pixel bully here ... it’s a game - I think this was absolutely needed... impossible to send solo attacks in last year on same high level players ... and even now — you go hall D and can pretty much crush most of these if people can’t do pvp they will not do those events for extra food and so on ... that’s when the game…
  • I have made the same posts - I totally agree and I think most long time players do as well ... but I never ever see a response or acknowledgement or comment by GG

Us2 server is dying and the lack of pvp is pushing this for sure but we keep suggesting and saying it and next we know is another wall unit ... another…
  • What will be done with old rewards ? If somebody has 3 million nomad tabs saved up, will one still have use for those ?
 The price is what I pay for a product and those prices have gone up 40% - if you offer a certain price every 3 days and then increase that price it’s called a price increase ... maybe you buy tools at face value ? 
  • All the deals have changed and the max deals are MUCH worse than a month ago ... 2% beri carts used to be 5 rubies at the 75% deals ... now its 7 rubies ... not a big increase ? It’s a 40% price hike ... come on ... that’s wrong !!!
  • Totally agree - this is a huge price increase — people wait for the max deals for all events and those prices have gone up even if you look at the 65% deals .... it’s a 30% or more price increse
  • The change from max equipment deals of 65% instead of 75% or more ... for example beri tools and nomad tools, is a HUGE price increase !!! Like 30-40% more expensive... that’s not ok 
  • Is there a bonus for using a ‘full set’ of the relic equipment ? For example if one puts together all the “Pure” equipment pieces and adds all 4 of the different Pure gems — is there any additional bonuses besides the ones on the equipment and gems ? and we need a ‘sale’ for the relicus 
  • It’s not part of the update but still a ‘recent change’ ... maxing the equipment deals to 65% off and relics to 50% ... not good — you basically just increased prices for many things
  • The troop counts in the recent Boodcrow event was totally different than before ? Was there an announcement for this ? When will we get a sale on the Relicus upgrades ? He is even more greedy than the Technicus ... What is the idea behind adding up to 15,000 more food per castle ? That’s some 8000 defenders ... the balance…
  • In all seriousness- people that don’t spend play a different game so I would probably see it the same way ... non-spenders always gripe at people who spend - i guess that’s ‘normal’ but — the fact is that top 100 might players can simply not attack each other and they really really want to — only option for them is to…
  • Ok presets are awesome —- thank you !!! level 20 wall ??? Why ? Nobody can break a wall anymore and if a defender loses over 1,500 it’s now a loss ... and yes, lower level players will whine and cry that they need more defense but that’s only so because high level castles simply can’t attack each other and get even close…
  • I will respond to you later during my castle hours of 8-5pm and please don’t respond at night time - because that’s just mean.
  • Just came back from a hiatus and while obviously I enjoy the game, and I see several nice developments (holding more food means less stress and I think that stress is really the last thing a fun game meant for leisure time should have) —- I simply can not understand the continued emphasis on Defense ??? The shapeshifter…
  • I do have an easy fix - eliminate the D hall !! good players don’t have to swap halls any more anyways but still use it at times. Any positive feedback can only be from lower level players getting beat up on - not possible otherwise