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  • I understand GG needs to make a proffit, but other games do so without smashing offers in your face every 4 minutes or flooding your inbox with offer mail. The action I perform most in game now is trying to close out all the pop up offer spam and delete all the offer mail. The game has turned into nothing but one…
  • GG needs to learn that nerfing rewards will not drive more spending. It causes people to leave the game and then their whale spenders have no one to play with and also quit. I am fine with the token system if they had kept the rewards values the same. I do think the token system is very very boring though. There is no goal…
  • Fusion is an overly complicated and not worthwhile system. I have not heard a single positive feedback from anyone. People thought they could finally use up those castle gardens, but it takes like 10 and weeks to even get a 5po increase. Terrible.... It wouldnt be so bad, but they replaced a lot of the rewards for fcl,…
  • The costs are way out of line, and have been for some time. Rather than reduce costs and make the paying portion of the game accessible to more players, you have increasedan game costs and created more items for whales. And before you say "we didn't increase costs" splitting buildings like watch towers from 3 levels to 5…
  • Lack of sleep is one of my alliances biggest complaints. It's affected players family lives and jobs, and had led to a number of players quitting citing middle of the night attacks.