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  • SNAKE 007 (GB1)

    Thanks for the update on the BtH fiasco.

    Is the event still running in the background and some servers still have access as it did say yesterday that the event had a day left ? If so clearly a disadvantage for those servers that can not get on. It’s going to be a blood bath and unfair as alliances and individuals, such as myself, could/will lose on rewards both alliance and individual ones, which already is going to take us decades to obtain enough for these new relic items.

    Furthermore rubies have not returned back. All rewards to be received tomorrow?

    Can GG reassure all servers affected regardless of what position they end up now they will honour rankings as of yesterday - surely the data is available.

    By they way it was a good event but rewards should be increased and the pool of players to get any should be increased so that even the non ruby players get something. Have ranking parameters like Outer Realms ... and/or each time you successfully hit a shrine you get some material - make it random just like when hitting Khan you do not know if it’s oil or glass etc you will get.

    Something needs to be done to keep the interest of the event, as it is a decent event in this current format so GG do not mess around with it baring looking at the rewards.

    Sorry for long message , it was only meant to be a few sentences.