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Spy Agent Missing Bug (Please Help)

I have 28 spies, sent 2 batches of 14 to spy on two robber baron castles.

Now whenever I spy, I only have 14 spy agents to work with, another 14 of them seemed to have vanished.

I can't imagine playing with only 14 spy agents for months while waiting for GGE to respond to my support ticket (heard the response is really slow)

Is there any way to resolve this? I tried everything listed here

Logged out/In

Reinstall App

Reboot Phone

Any idea how to resolve this issue?


  • You sent 14 on 2 separate targets and now the system only gives you 14? When you entered a ticket, did you receive an auto response? If not, please check spam. Support doesn't take months. Please reply back to the message you received in your email (if you received). If not, I would send in a new ticket. 
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