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Your Top Game Idea - June 2021



  • The reason the Samurai event isn’t played as actively as nomads is simply because players never know if it will run from one month to the next so don’t bother acquiring the same amount of tools as they do for nomads.

    who is going to spend on an event that may or may not run again ??

    And keep changing the schedules for outers and horizon is off putting… horizon takes some planning for most alliances so you’ll find less alliances are playing now we don’t know when it’s going to start .

  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,246

    Whilst I'm not a happy customer either we need to remember that this thread is for suggestions for improvement. Being toxic isn't going to entice any mod or cm to read through all suggestions and pick out the constructive ones. They'll just stop reading.

    Samurai event feedback

    It's played less for a multitude of reasons most of which could be addressed.

    a) cooldown issues with camps

    b) scoring system.

    Daimyo is part of the event. It's fun but it scores very poorly, especially in relation to troop losses. Unlike khan, the medal equivalent does not enjoy a score booster for KL. Khan medals have a multiplier of 7 making khan taunts an attractive contributor to improve KL score. Costs in troops are minimal.

    Daimyo higher camps are beatable but losses are high for minor score and , unlike khan, they only give special tokens and no samurai tokens. Booster tools cannot be used, chests cannot be used.

    The pressure to perform in KL makes it hard to play the Daimyo aspect of the event. Allow for samurai tokens the be earned and booster tools and add a multiplier to daimyo tokens for KL and event score and suddenly activity will jump.

    c) the taunting system for samurai/daimyo remains broken with tool slot limitations. I appreciate that might be harder to fix.

  • Jacksully (IN1)Jacksully (IN1) IN1 Posts: 22
    edited 05.07.2021
    When a lot of people are giving some nice and interesting idea, I don't know where do GGS get ideas which were implemented in recent updates like
    providing some mear number of sceats for 1.5L
    Increasing the legendary level to 900? 

    So coming to the point my TOP GAME IDEA is  " Press the option called UNINSTALL/DELETE "
  • -CK- (GB1)-CK- (GB1) GB1 Posts: 49

    So welcome to top ideas page this is for all our ideas to improve the game and make it fair for all please be aware that the powers that be will ignore them and make the game worse

    This post will probably be edited or deleted and my account get another warning aw well

  • I deleted the game around 18 months ago after 6years of playing, only redownloaded it today to see what's going on. I don't really care about progressing or competing in the game any more, but I still try to give my best advice. I also have to say I wasn't a big fan of Jörgen Larsson's point of view when it comes to gaming as a business and Stillfront being an extemely performance data driven company. I haven't watched any PocketGamerBiz/GameMakers Youtube presentations with Alexis Bonte yet, but I don't expect too much on that front.

    -event point inflation driven by tool volue inflation, which makes you not want to beat an event target without bonus tools becouse it became a waste of time 
    -increasing number of stationable troops made players pacifist on the main servers

    GGs soulutions so far:
    -(actually cousing the tool volue inflation by lowering the cost of bonus tools, adding stronger ones, and allowing the use of more)
    -introducing the blacksmith to make some free to play players think thay had a chance, then nerfing it when it becomes clear that even the free to play version is overpowered and broken, not just the 100 times stronger 100€ packs
    -selling bigger packs of troops, and time limited appearance items, so pay to win players can actually beat someone and not worry about having to recruit the lost troops
    -introducing hardcore pay to win events (Outer Realms, Beyond the Horizon) where people can actually beat each other

    requested solutions:
    -Add more levels to nomad and samurai camps and make the top level couse players 10 times as  many troops lost, but also give 10 times as many rewards. No-one wants to waste 2 mintutes to earn enough currency to buy something like 15 troops or 10 banners from the event shop when you have 80.000 total stationed troops at the moment.
    -Boost the average size of invader and bloodcrow castles for the same reason.
    - The big change: reduce the number of khan and samurai bonus tools owned by thy players by 90%, the amounts sold in packs by also 90%, and increase the shop price by 900%, people buying them would still get the same currency bonus for their rubies numerically.
    -Improve troop recruitment speed, there were some patches on that front, but the recruitment speed simply fell  behind the increasing food production and increasing  number of stationable troops over the years, if someone gets beaten in a war it takes weeks or months to gain back your lost military power which made most players not wanting a war ever. If troop packs kept up with the number of stationed troops in size then recruitment speed shoud have been too, not just partially, becouse the troop pack were always an element of pay to win, making it more pay to win over time just made it more apparent for people and made many quit the game.

    Off topic:
    -Add some proper catch up systems! I've been away for 18 months and all I get is a 1000% ruby bonus, like what am I supposed to do with that?  

    Core issues even I don't know good solutions for:
    -there are too many too powerfull bonus tools usable in  a single attack
    -PvP combat speed generally became too fast, both attacks and alliance supports, I miss 2015 when I could prepare for like an hour

  • Wren (US2)Wren (US2) US2 Posts: 15

    You don't want complaints but I imagine that if you parse through the compaints you'll get some ideas of the problems you face. I'll bet they all have similarities

  • I think it is time to consider moving, or adding, challenging events like nomads, sams, or bloodcrows to the winter, sands and fire realms.

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