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Nomad Camp Cooldown Bonus Effectiveness Problem

I have been meaning to write about it for sometime.
1. Currently we get a cooldown bonus of 33% on nomad camp which reduces a 90 minutes wait time to 0.67*90=60.3 minutes = 60 minutes 18 Seconds.
Now when you are playing in Bonus period, this 18 seconds is a big pain to skip and we miss lots of hits. Why not Eliminate this 18 seconds to make everyone's life easier and greatly improve gaming experience for everyone.
There are two ways to do this :
 I) Increase the cooldown bonus to 34% which will reduce wait time to 0.66*90=59.4 minutes = 59 minutes 24 seconds.
II) Decrease Normal nomad cooldown period to 89 minutes 33 seconds(equal to 89.55 minutes). So, 33% reduction will reduce wait time to 59.9985 minutes or say 60 minutes.

2. Earlier we used to get an event calendar giving details about events order and their dates for a whole month in advance. We would like it back. It would be really helpful to plan for events in advance.
Especially which version of Beyond the Horizon Event will come and when will it come? how to divide teams and who will buy during the offers in the event can be planned in advance. Also we can plan for green events like when nomad will come and when samurai. Currently all is a mess. waiting to hear @BM_Quaffel_EN
@BM_Red Phoenix


  • BM_Quaffel_ENBM_Quaffel_EN Moderator Posts: 155
    Hello @Destroyer snape (IN1)

    To anwser your first point, we already did forward Feedback to reduce the Cooldown on Nomad Camps like that.

    In regards to your second point, we do not communicate any Event Starts in advance anymore. I know this is it not ideal but thats just how it is 

    Best Regards
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