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31st March E4K Update

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Find out all about the latest Update

The hard working Engineers of the Great Empire have not shirked in their duty to bring the Lords and Ladies of the Kingdoms new advances yet again.

New Towers to throw down!

Across the Great Empire the Robber Barons are erecting new towers. Great edifices to greed and tyranny, now as much as ever you’ll have to redouble your efforts to defeat these evil malefactors and destroy their fastnesses. In the Fire, Desert and Ice Kingdoms the appearance of the Robber Baron towers has been updated to suit the style of the Kingdoms more.

Time to spin that Wheel

We are increasing slightly the number of advertisements that appear in the game. In addition to what we already offer, you will now be able to watch advertisements to unlock global buffs and to spin the Wheel of Fortune. Get busy watching and spinning!

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  • Dear E4K Family,
    there is a Hotfix in your playstores for the text visual glitch on the melee temp build. Please update.

  • Demolition Crews Assembled:

    King Eric in his infinite wisdom has ordered the formation of demolition crews across the Great Empire. From now on you will be able to demolish the following:

    Glory Memorial
    Willow of Experience
    Master Builder
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