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Constant changes

Charlie Wilson (US1)Charlie Wilson (US1) US1 Posts: 27
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I am absolutely not against GG making money off their efforts to provide a fun game...but I am 100% against slightly tweaking what you already sold me weeks ago & making the previous item(s) worthless if I want to stay competitive.

From the constant tweaking of decorations by 100 PO to the releasing of new wall and food builds that make the previous versions obsolete...it is preventing many from even trying anymore. They know that by the time they get to the current level of "best" they will be 10 behind the new "best".

Look at what they did with build materials...how many people have tons of sand & bricks that carry no value? GG saw the value in these, came out with new ones that could be monetized better...then they did it again when BtH came around.

New stuff is great...but not at the expense of making players previous effort wasted. We need a trade in system! For instance, we should be able to trade our old wall builds in towards new builds or trade the old stuff in for wheel tickets, relic EQ or something that would have value. Currently we can simply recycle them into materials we have 0 use for.

Instead of charging 100k rubies for the new item, let me trade stuff & a smaller amount of rubies...something. Heck, let me gift it to some other player even. Of course, pit some limitations on the gifting thing, make it so only stuff from the gold/silver shop can be gifted maybe?

GG is not inspiring me to try or spend when I know next week its worthless.


  • deak (US1)deak (US1) US1 Posts: 5

    Ye If they keep in I'm done buying crap just to be obsolete. Trade in / up program needed. All ready paying every month for KL rewards upgrade. Various subscriptions which are on top of vip bonus. And we have temporary build items that sell for $200 to $300. It's getting rediculous.

  • Agreed, the frequency of wall, food builds, and PO are ridiculous. I bought a couple times and saw you upgrade all of the above twice in a month. Now I just sit and wait to see if you'll eventually cap it for some time to allow people time to get competitive. I think if you slowed down allot less people would have left this game? You have what, maybe a few hundred active players left on this server and a ton of dead accts. I'm not going to whine about money as I realize this is a business for you but if keep it up that few 100 players left will dwindle further to a few dozen. The suggestions that Charlie and Deak spike of are a good place to start as well.

  • Lionguy (US1)Lionguy (US1) US1 Posts: 1

    I agree as well. The rate at which "the best" changes is absurd and virtually nullifies the previous "best". Like even today the highest possible po piece changed from 2600 to 2700, a small change buy still sending the message that 'what you have isn't the best anymore'. Same thing with the newest wall limit and food storage build items. They used to be +285 tow and plus 275k storage respectfully, but then they changed and now the best is +305 tow and +295k storage. This isn't sustainable.

  • Hey Guys

    This is in-fact the very discussion and feedback we have had today with the GGS team, as well as in the past couple of months. The launch of new builds and deco has slowed down some, as a response.

    However I do get, how frustrating it is, to buy something and have it seem less relevant within a month, and hopefully we see some changes to address this.

    I shall keep you updated



  • This game has become TRASH. In the 7 years I have played, its always had a pay to win edge which is fine. Its a business. But this game is now purely pay to play. You have to carry 60-70k defense in all castles to not get destroyed. To do that you have to spend tons of time AND money. The size of the armies has become ridiculous. GG has taken a great game and completely ruined it by being greedy.

    The ability to find equipment through effort, then having the skill to piece them together to create awesome casts and comms made this game great.

    There are also lots of people using BOTS to win events and GG seems to just allow this to happen as long as they make money.

    Im done spending money. And on the verge of retiring. Its just not fun anymore.

    The Man in RI @ GG 1
  • Your feedback is noted.

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