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More and more district

I hear in the next update has added another district. We have Military district and Trade District. I wonder if we have another district for storing all ruby buildings, and all single build buildings such as Construction crane, Watchtower, can be stored so it mount more space.

The ruby district can store : Construction crane, Master builder, Bakery, Glory memorial, Willow of experience, Fire station, Watchtower, Drill ground, University and Forge.

Single build buildings that currently cannot stored in both district : Hall of legends, Construction yard, Relicus, Master builder, University, Watchtower, Fire station, and Construction crane.

Well imagine if this all 8 can stored in a district, that could be more spaces for Decorations. Is that right? 


  • Jenne (NL1)Jenne (NL1) NL1 Posts: 578
    Are they planning to bring out a brand new fancy district to put all other districts in?
    This could be exiting news. Taking the game to a next level.
  • Localhost (ID1)Localhost (ID1) ID1 Posts: 67
    It is inner district. But soon it will be moved to Top 100 or top 250. Such as Trade District. First release, all district is only for Winners in Legendary levels. I wonder if they can store Hall of Legends and Research Tower too.
  • Please note, the list of buildings which can be housed in each type of district.

  • Localhost (ID1)Localhost (ID1) ID1 Posts: 67
    Thanks for the info @BM_Red Phoenix. For tavern, guardhouse and hideout, that can build multiple (tavern maximum is three) it can only store one of them, right?
  • It can store upto the spaces available in the maxed level of the districts (example of military district below), upgraded with tokens. The choice then in terms of what to keep inside, lies with you.

  • Localhost (ID1)Localhost (ID1) ID1 Posts: 67
    Ok. Thanks for information. So, starting from next month, Inner District, is moved to Top 250 right? If yes, how about Top 1 reward?
  • Hi, the inner district will remain as Top 1 prize for now

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