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Storm islands winner november?

The alliance that won in November receive nothing according to gge support. So we all spent time, skips, money, ... to get nothing.

This is theft and fraud. Shame on you gge! If its not possible to give the old prices give then the prices from now.

And why should we play this time? We might get nothing also.


  • Hi @Jenne (NL1)please write to Cs about your storm win in November along with screenshot. They have already given compensation to other winners..
    I would recommend much more civility and politeness with the customer support folk, than you display on the forum here, it will ensure a more helpful response. 
  • Warspite (AU1)Warspite (AU1) AU1 Posts: 72
    @BM_Red Phoenix - With respect to civility and politeness, it would probably encourage more such behaviour if GG automatically awarded compo. If there is a game wide issue, surely it is reasonable to be proactive and award compo without insisting that players end up virtually having to beg. Just saying!
  • In some cases, when the issue affects everyone, GG does provide automatic compensation. I don't have the technical details to share, however I believe, when the issue affects only a specific subset of players (for example the storm winners), the compensation is awarded manually by CS for each player, which is why they require a ticket to be raised. I get that it's not the most convenient.

    As regards civility and politeness, I'm sure that can be displayed regardless of the game provocation, if that's something we value :smile:
  • Warspite (AU1)Warspite (AU1) AU1 Posts: 72
    @BM_Red Phoenix - I suggest it is up to the game designers and controllers to rectify their own mistakes regardless of the size of the subset affected. That would demonstrate an acceptable level of good customer service. And on civility and politeness, it’s sometimes difficult to demonstrate those traits when confronted with a record of poor service. Just saying!
  • Let's agree to disagree :blush:

    Have a nice day 
  • Jenne (NL1)Jenne (NL1) NL1 Posts: 578
    edited 23.12.2020

    Its all a waste of time. The only good thing we all can do is to rate and review this game on the play stores.

    If you pay for a new tv online and they dont deliver what you order what will you do? Or more in a face to face store. That is the same that is happening now. This is the way how gge handle complains. This is not the only case.

    My teammates complained with a ticket and the answer is negative. Myself I dont care and dont even bother. I will complain on play store to warn new players.

    Lets say hoho hohoho to the big big spenders, greatest big spenders. Thanks to them this game is getting better month by month. They will ask for more big popup spams I think. Thumbs up.

  • Thanks for the feedback.
    Merry Christmas. 

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