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Wheel of fortune no food for troops

WickedGood (US1)WickedGood (US1) US1 Posts: 16
edited 01.12.2020 in General Discussions

I just bought a load of tickets, now we get Valkyrie troops. But not enough mead for keeping them :(

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  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,381
    yes. don't spin the wheel if you don't have a brewery.
  • BM_Red PhoenixBM_Red Phoenix US1 Posts: 456

    I just bought a load of tickets, now we get Valkyrie troops. But not enough mead for keeping them :(

    You get 6 hours of mead for the troops. But yes, if you have built at least the level 1 brewery and at least 1 level 1 apiary, both with level 1 base and per hour builds, holding on to the troops is much easier. 
  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,246
    edited 07.12.2020

    @BM_Red Phoenix yet again developers are far removed from the reality of playing the game.

    The bigger the server the harder it is for the majority of players to get and feed mead troops (unless U spin). Again the gap is becoming ridiculous and so is in game inflation.

    De2 is 500 players down because of this. We appreciate GG need to make money but GG pricing is becoming absurd and it's starting to backfire.

    Sure some turnover is normal. Players come and go. But players are getting angrier and angrier when it only takes a week before your purchases are dated.

    When it's impossible to keep up. Mead troops have changed the game. No thought has been given to how it affects game balance. U need to be a high lvl legendary before U can build towards requirements. Yet U can hit anyone with those troops. No thought has been given to how realistic requirements are or how much money ppl have to earn in order to afford this so called free game.

    No thought has been given to how insanely complicated the game has become and it keeps getting worse. No clean up of old stuff just more and more new.

    Ppl will continue to leave because it's too expensive, imbalanced and overwhelming. But the ridiculous amount of complication stops new blood from coming through. They muddle along and give up. The majority of 'new' accounts on our server are seconds, either created as nuisance accounts, support accounts or as a fresh start. Hardly any genuinely new faces are joining.

    Smaller servers are slightly better off for a change as it's easier to place well enough to earn a few requirements with hard work.

    At some stage we might need to remember that this game isn't a full time job. It's a game, a distraction from RL. When game design requires U to be on line 10 hours a day or more just to keep up something is wrong. Very wrong.

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