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Exiling not working properly

Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,381
edited 14.11.2020 in General Discussions
Exiling FL and BC is supposed to give an extra 20 to 500 defenders.
I've had multiple occurrences of getting less than 20 extra defenders, most recently just the other day. While this might not make much of a difference for those particular targets, I makes me wonder if Exiling is working properly at all. Something is clearly going wrong.

As @CM_Crom Cruach may remember, this was first reported some time ago.


  • Demorte (US2)Demorte (US2) US2 Posts: 351

    I think exiling makes a new FL than adds 20-500 defenders to the new one, so it’s possible for it to generate a much smaller one even after the extra troops are added.

  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,381
    yes. that's not my point. The troops that are added are a special type, so are observable. It should add a minimum of 20 of these troops. But many times it adds fewer than 20. So something is wrong with the Exiling code. I worry that it isn't working properly all the time.
  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,246

    @Ivan Again (INT4) I had the same problem. It's not working correctly.

  • Lezley (GB1)Lezley (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,696
    Less than 20 total or less than 20 of each melee and ranged?
  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,381
    less than 20 total
  • Lezley (GB1)Lezley (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,696
    19 of each is lowest I've seen.  Not really used it much before this event (i usually get ok castles without using it). Will keep an eye out.
  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,381
    I've had 9 of each on multiple occasions. I use it a lot.
  • BM_Red PhoenixBM_Red Phoenix US1 Posts: 456
    Noted on this @Ivan Again (INT4).
    Please raise a ticket and take a screenshot of the troops after dethroning, so that customer support can look into this on your account. 

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