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May Update 2020

LagerthaLagertha Posts: 973
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The May Update

Time for more Achievements!

The great King Eric, may he live forever, has seen your valiant efforts against the vicious warriors of the Daimyo. You’ve thrown back his invasions time and time again but your efforts have not been recorded, until now that is. The scriveners in the King’s service have prepared some new achievements to chronicle your efforts against our foe. The following three new achievements have been added to the ancient scrolls of the Great Empire:

  • Defeat the Daimyo Castles
  • Defend Against the Daimyo Attacks
  • Collect Samurai Medals

It’s not just the Daimyo’s invasions that you’ll have recorded by the scribes. Indeed with your efforts against the forces of the infamous Pirate Captain Redbeard in defence of Queen Namia, it has been decided that two more achievements will be entered into the ancient scrolls:

  • Complete Bladecoast on Hard Mode
  • Complete Bladecoast on Master Mode

It’s hard to believe that even more will be recorded but the Chief Scribe Inkfingers has insisted that your efforts in unlocking the true potential of the Relics must also be rewarded. Three more achievements directly related to Relic equipment have been added:

  • Castellan or Commander with a full set of relic equipment
  • Castellan or Commander with a full set of silver relic equipment (three star)
  • Castellan or Commander with a full set of gold relic equipment (three star)

Last but far from least the scriveners will be recording your efforts in bettering the lives of your subjects and for those of you that have striven to complete certain events. Those of you with the correct improvements in your castles will be acknowledged for your efforts and be recorded. The following achievements will be available to you:

  • Finish the Outer Realms
  • Finish Beyond the Horizon
  • Build a Relic Farmhouse
  • Have a Relic Food Build Item.

Relic Changes

Our Scientists have been investigating the properties of the Relic equipment you’ve been using. To make it easier for you they’ve add some new functions:

  • A sell button in Relicus
  • A sell button in Alliance Smithy

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  • LagerthaLagertha Posts: 973
    To discuss this update, please go here.
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  • CM_Crom CruachCM_Crom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 770
    The update scheduled for today has been postponed. I have no ETA. There is potential for it to be delayed into next week.
  • CM_WylkaCM_Wylka Community Manager Posts: 594
    Dear players, 

    The update process is expected to start very soon (~15:15 CEST). 
    It might take a while until the newest update version is uploaded into the respective Playstores though. 

    That's why the update downtime is currently expected to happen between ~15:15 - 18:00 CEST. 

    We will keep you updated about any eventual development in this regard, of course, here and on our other channels. 

    We thank you very much for your patience today! 

    Best regards,

    Your Empire Family Team

  • CM_WylkaCM_Wylka Community Manager Posts: 594
    Dear players,

    The downtime for the Mai Update has started by now and the update will now be implemented into the game. 
    Food and boosters will be frozen as usual.

    Best regards

    Your Empire Family Team
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