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Demolish: Forge & university

I have a university and Forge in my main Castle which i would like to be able to demolish... 

The buildings are useless for me: all researches have been completed and i have no workshop in my main Castle.

The university and Forge used to give Nice public order so i had no reason to get rid of them... But they are taking up space where i could place a decoration with more public order now...

It's possible to demolish the Stable, so why can't i demolish these (and several other) buildings?

When will we be able to remove these buildings?
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    Received the following reply from support:
     Thread can be closed.

    *removed screenshot as it is not allowed on forums.  
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    @Black Mandarin (DE2)

    @CM_Crom Cruach


    Will these be destroyable soon aswell?

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  • HadrianHadrian Posts: 445

    This is something I do agree with you on. As of now GG does not see it as a priority to demolish these buildings. However the topic will not die down about it as I believe this is something that should be done. As far as the research building we never know when this will be added to or implemented again so it's best to keep them rather then spend to upgrade them back. There are other building I do agree should be able to be demolished. This will be discussed again , Verduveltje. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Verduveltje (NL1)Verduveltje (NL1) NL1 Posts: 500

    In my opinion: everything except for the keep should be able to be demoshed if the player wants to... even the towers...

    For example: if i want to defend my castle with a castellan that has optimal courtyard strength, and i want as least as possible troops on the wall, so i dont have to set up my defense and i will simply loose the wall: i want as little troops as possible on the wall than :)
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