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Which is the best commander for war.....and how should i get that????

Im a part of war....im in level 57 and i need the best commander for war.....suggest me ....

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  • How is the crow???
  • Im thinking of buying The Crow..
  • Highlander is way too expensive.....thats why i asked for the crow...
  • What are the rewards for bloodcrow in legendary level?
  • Then is crow crypt removed from rewards...of legendary level????
  • Bro, is there any -85% offer for The Crow commander??
  • bwm (IN1) said:
    The Highlander lacks Gate negating Power!
    Highlander don't need Gate power. If you are skilled enough in PVP, you will defend one flank with a lot of lime bombs. But it will not help against Highlander with decent gems. If you're not so skilled and will try to defend Gate - nothing will save you. The same about Master Summoner.
    Руки - это очень загадочная вещь. Они могут расти буквально откуда угодно.
  • How much does elementalist costs.....and shapeshifter castellan....I do not find it....
  • bwm (IN1)bwm (IN1) IN1 Posts: 1,212
    edited 12.02.2019
    Elementalist normal price is 10,00,000 rubies

    with 85% discount 150,000 rubies

    the Shapeshifter Castellan will be released soon probably end of February or early March
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  • Guys, please help me customize the best commander....my troops are always defeated in flanks with THE MASTER SUMMONER....


    Hi shlok

    I suggest you the Master summoner commander. Great cy and others



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