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  • I just subscribed to player subscription and it is not active , when I try to do the subscription again it says you are already subscribed to this, but the features are not activated 
    the fees has already been deducted from my iTunes account ?!!? 
  • VoeVoe Posts: 337
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    I just subscribed to player subscription and it is not active , when I try to do the subscription again it says you are already subscribed to this, but the features are not activated 
    the fees has already been deducted from my iTunes account ?!!? 
    @Prince Ferydon

    Please submit a support team. They should be able to help :)  

  • Dont  worry  , with some luck somebody Will give you your dubscription this year.  If not , next year Will be for sure.
  • raleed (FR1)raleed (FR1) FR1 Posts: 426
    Ou plutôt à jamais lol !
    raleed @ GG 1
  • Or, you could just correct the worst customer support in the entire gaming business. Just a thought since this company not only suffers from disgusting customer support, but is also in denial about it.

    1 hr should be the reaction time for a game that is played in real time idiots. How dumb you gotta be not to know this?
  • sir Rubio (US1)sir Rubio (US1) US1 Posts: 685
    Us players left out to dry here smh 
  • This subscription issue is not an isolated problem, it happened to me also. So GG is selling something, but giving nothing in exchange for the money they collect. (In my situation, I had the subscription benefits, but they disappeared in the middle of the month, and then I got the same you are/you aren’t subscribed message as Prince Ferydon. It took me a while to figure out why I suddenly could not recruit as many troops as before)

    this error goes to the very essence of fraud, and it involves the Apple store, so it seems GG should be very interested in fixing it immediately, and perhaps apologizing (an apology would at least suggest that this was not deliberate — and therefore criminal — behavior by GG. )

    I must say, support fixed my particular problem in a couple of days. I was shocked, but I attributed the speed to my having learned the necessity of screenshots to get GG to do anything. 

    Now I see that it happened to others, and I say hmmm. I don’t think Apple would like to collect money for GG if they knew customers were being cheated. 

    Is the global problem fixed?  I have no idea, because GG is apparently trying to keep it quiet. 
    Agustina @ GG 2
  • sir Rubio (US1)sir Rubio (US1) US1 Posts: 685
    So is the help as well 
  • SeleneSelene Posts: 1,561
    @Agustina (US2) Your issue would’ve been dealt with quickly as it’s a priority issue. I’m glad it’s sorted for you. But this kind of thing is not deliberate. If it was they wouldn’t be so keen to quickly sort it? 
  • I have thought about your answer. If GG weren’t interested in cheating its customers, it would have PUBLICIZED the problem so that people would be more likely to notice it and have it fixed. In my situation, I happened to notice that something was wrong. GG fixed it, and they acted far more quickly than usual. But how many other people had the same problem and failed to notice?  Those people continue to be cheated, and at best, GG does not care.

    Let’s say you have a car with a defect. GG’s attitude here is equivalent to the manufacturer hurrying to compensate you when the defect causes a crash. A more honorable manufacturer would issue a recall to prevent their defect from hurting more people.  
    Agustina @ GG 2
  • DjSilver (SKN1)DjSilver (SKN1) Posts: 16
    edited 03.04.2019
    Dear [removed] at GG. I have been waiting for over 1 month for any answer but only [removed] who call them self Matt writs back amd asks questions that they can answer them self as long as they can read. However it seems that no one at GG so called no support can read so in that way it is proven that only [removed] work at GG when they dont give a [removed] in answering. So now hurry up and fix my problem and do not ask what the problem is because all you have to do is read my first ticket from september....

    [Edited for language.]
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    DjSilver @ GG 1
  • Bonjour,
    J'ai gagné la gemme"œil de triton" de l'actuel concours d'Halloween pour la seconde fois, mais elle n'est pas arrivé dans mon inventaire ... J'ai ensuite gagné pour la seconde fois toutes les autres pièces (hors commandant) et eux sont bien arrivés. Je pense donc à un bug du jeu.... Comment dois-je procéder pour la récupérer cette gemme ?
  • Bonsoir.

    Perdu 50% de mes èquipements comandants  et baillis èvents.

    6 cmdts
    5 baillis .

    Ça fait lourd et pesant.
  • Having bug issue with error message stating too many troops on one flank right when i was about to get ice championship commander. It happened right after i hit robber king and now at negativre 11k in food i cannot attack anything with any commander including rbcs. It also ripped me off of 250% bonus on khan tablets with 2 hours left. Now im gonna starve with over 6 k troops at my main and over 2k troops at all my castles in all realms
  • As usual all i hear is crickets chirping from both forum leaders and support. This company doesnt give a crap about the players
  • Noble6 (GB1)Noble6 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 14
    Lost missing rubies 60000 an I check where they went
    Noble6 @ GG 1
  • Samwise_GamgeeSamwise_Gamgee Moderator, Bugwatch Posts: 607
    @Noble6 (GB1),
    Answered in PM.

  • edited 01.03.2018
    Hi Support Team
    I'm always contacting your team on my problems and you have fixed a lot of it
    Thanks a lot but yesterday I have met a dirty bug and waiting an help from you 
    Yesterday I had war with an enemy and needed to send my defenders from storm islands to green kingdom to defend 
    But when tried to send got an error (You Can't send your soldiers  because it won't reach before event ends !
    This error made me very nervous,,I had a lot of skips and could made them reach before events ends ,I Have lost the battle due to that. Thx u did very well:neutral:
    Please Fix this as soon as possible because I have war daily and I need to send soldiers between kingdoms all the time
    Thx for Your Help And hope you the best 
    Arab Server 
  • @ahmed sawada (ARAB1) they wont reply
    Wolverine XXX @ GG 1
  • I have just about completed the shadow king commander quest and I just realized  that I never received  the helmet part of the set even though I completed that part of event quest. I even made sure that my equipment  wasn't  full. Without the helmet I can't  receive the bonuses of having the full set as u know.
  • cekes (NL1)cekes (NL1) NL1 Posts: 6
    2 to 3 weeks is not unusual if they busy.

  • cekes (NL1)cekes (NL1) NL1 Posts: 6
    Pfff dont get 2 equipment ivory herou end new Nomad helmet dont like it
  • col matt (US2)col matt (US2) US2 Posts: 3
    Why when i upgrade granaries my productivity goes down,  not up. No fires anywhere,  add po and down it goes.
  • I can't create a ticket again and I spent money yesterday still haven't got my rewards. Also spent rubies for pro mode and it took the rubies from me but never received what I bought. This support system is terrible!!!!!! I will report all this to my bank, Google play store and the better business bureau.  
  • Samwise_GamgeeSamwise_Gamgee Moderator, Bugwatch Posts: 607

    What is the issue with creating a ticket? Do you get a page error?

  • Jaalan (US2)Jaalan (US2) US2 Posts: 75
    @Ramona (US2) Pro mode takes a few hours to activate. Its somewhere between 6 and 24 hours. Lol, I am unsure of the exact time.
  • Je peut pas envoyé un mail à gge comment faire 
  • Gge comment faire 
  • impossible d envoyer un mail à gge 
  • Having difficulty creating ticket...play on s8+. Hit the support button in game, basic details are entered but when I go to subject box it will not show options. If you could give some suggestions as to why this is happening would be appreciated.

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