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Wheel of fortune jackpot broken

Demorte (US2)Demorte (US2) US2 Posts: 346
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When doing my free spin for the wheel of fortune, I got a jackpot. However, I noticed something strange about my jackpot rewards; they should not have been at that prize level. My prizes were a stag ring (Prize level 4 jackpot and above) 5 flame bearers (Prize level 2 jackpot) and 185 VIP points (That jackpot does not even exist at any prize level, lowest point prize was 300 VIP points) And this was all at prize level 1. Obviously something is really broken with the wheel. 


  • HildegardHildegard Posts: 91
    my goodness    thank you for screen shooting those! I will get with someone and get back to you! Hold tight as I will try to find the answer.
  • The jackpot prize list is only a 'selection' of what could be won, there are tonnes of different jackpot prizes. 
    The 185 vip points was always going to be your jackpot, no matter what card you picked. (spoiler alert: the jackpot payout is pre-determined before you select a card)
    The other 2 items are just a clever way of getting you to believe you could have won those and spend more tickets.
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  • HildegardHildegard Posts: 91
    the jackpot is random lol   and from what i'm being told there is nothing wrong with WoF so just have fun with it  :smiley:
  • Demorte (US2)Demorte (US2) US2 Posts: 346
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    Hildegard said:
    the jackpot is random lol   and from what i'm being told there is nothing wrong with WoF so just have fun with it  :smiley:
    Any chance we could get a list of possible prizes at certain levels? I would like to know if the other equipment pieces can be had at lower levels. And I disagree on the statement that there is nothing wrong. All of the wheel of fortune prizes are outdated and old, and not worth the tickets. The best PO piece that would take thousands of tickets to get to is only 240, while a 245 piece can be bought from nomads for tablets, and the equipment sets are also pretty weak considering how hard they are to get. The level 3 food storage build item for first place is also very bad for a rank 1 prize, also considering that superior food storage build items can be bought from shapeshifter shop or the khan shop pretty cheaply, although the bakery look build item is good. Could we know if there are any plans to buff the wheel of fortune’s prizes? Thanks.
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