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Consolidation of all the 2014-2019 event announcements, into this thread. 
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    Hey all,

    I have decided to start this news thread for random updates that don’t warrant a full post to themselves but still need to be posted. Hopefully this helps bring down the number of pinned threads! 

    The first bit of news is that it has been decided to increase the runtime for the architect for the rest of the year to 24h as this was so appreciated by players. 

    Happy Christmas! 

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    Brave warriors,

    As some of you might have already realized, the emperor is in more and more of a festive mood. Themed events all over the Empire and attractive offers for everyone to participate in the festivities.

    But not only will the emperor celebrate the coming days with his family and royal court, your Community team is following suit. Our Community Managers, as well as our Board team, will have some days off to enjoy the holiday season. But this does not mean there is no one here taking care of you throughout the rest of the year. As mentioned before, your Community team will spend some time with their families and of course, you belong to it as the Empire family! So, even during the festive period, there will be someone here for you but less frequently than usual. Your whole Community Team will be back at the beginning of January, starting a new ride into an exciting new adventure in 2018.

    Of course, not only the Community but also our Customer Support team will be back with full force in 2018. Which also means, the processing of tickets by our remaining agents will be slowed down and occasionally delayed throughout the rest of 2017. Apologies for the circumstances caused by this and thank you for your understanding.

    But let's get back to the good news now! Since we are one huge Empire family, we want to surprise you with a respective holiday gift which will contain the following:

    • 80 Veteran Flame bearers
    • 80 Veteran Composite Bowmen
    • 80 Deathly horrors
    • 80 Demon horrors
    • 5 Fast Travel Feathers
    • 1 VIP point (for tracking reasons)

    On top of that, you will get a Ruby Doubler, which can be used to double the value of your next purchase!

    Both will be sent out on December 24th, 10 am CET and will be claimable until December 26th, 10 am CET.

    Please accept this package as an appreciation for this really exciting Empire Year 2017, full of ups and downs and you were always part of it. Without you this year would not have been such a great adventure for all of us! We can't wait for 2018...amazing things are coming...ROOOOAR!

    Thank you, happy holidays and a happy new year to all of you!

    Your Empire Family

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    Hey all,

    Just want to clarify that this ruby doubler WILL stack with your LTPE doubler. It’s only LTPE doublers that do not stack. 

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    Lords and Ladies Due to the harsh winter and some minor time differences in Nomads ending before the Quest,  the Royal Quest 6/9 will be marked completed for everyone in the land! 
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    Hey all, 

    In an effort to make things a bit easier to navigate, from now on all event schedules will be posted in this thread. 

    Hope this helps. 

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     Ice Championship (9th of January-5th of February)
     Attack of the Shapeshifters (15th of January-29th of January)
     Nomad Invasion (NO Khan's Revenge) (2nd-6th of January)
     War of the Realms  (6th-9th of January)
     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (9th-13th of January)
     Samurai Invasion (13th-16th of January)
     The Battle for Berimond (13th-16th of January)
     Nomad Invasion (NO Khan's Revenge) (16th-20th of January)
     War of the Realms (20th-24rd of January)
     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (24th-28th of January)
     Samurai Invasion (28th of January-1st of February)
     The Battle for Berimond (28th-31st of January)
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     Royal Quest (11th of January-19th of January)

    • Nomads and Khan (11th January-13th January)
    • Glory (13th January-15th January)
    • Storm islands (15th January-16th January)
    • Nomads (16th January-17th January)
    • Generic (17th January-18th January)
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    Hey guys,

    Some of you might have already noticed an issue that prevents you from recruiting. Due to the game thinking that you have a build item in your barracks, even though you do not.

    Luckily there is an easy workaround for this issue: simply manually type in the usual max amount that you are able to recruit at once, which is usually 80 units.

    We are already working on a proper fix for this which will also solve another build item issue where you can't remove the item from your building at all. We are aiming for a release today, latest next week, depending on the different approval processes at Google, Apple, Amazon and Samsung, but due to a longer approval process at Apple, we expect a release for iOS rather on Monday.

    Once it is available you can download it in your preferred app store and start recruiting as usual again! Also, if you are on iOS and can't see the latest version, restarting the device might help in these cases.

    More info will follow soon.

    Your Empire Family
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    Last weeks bugfix update is now available on iTunes and Amazon!

    If you can't see our latest update in iTunes due to a delayed distribution, please try the following steps to force the update on your device:

    1. If you are on iOS 11, you can refresh your update screen by simply swiping it down. 
    2. If you are on iOS 10, you can try to restart your device to make the update appear on your update screen.
    3. Reinstalling the game without restarting the phone can help as well. (If you restart the phone after you uninstalled the game, all progress is lost and you have to use your credentials to load your saved account again)
    4. If none of the above helped, we kindly ask you to wait some minutes/hours until the update is distributed to your device by Apple.
    Your Empire Family
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    Hey all,

    There will be a bug fix today at some point between 11:30am and 2:30pm CET. The expected down time is around 40 minutes. 

    The royal quest will be moved to start at around 2pm CET as a result. 

  • SeleneSelene Posts: 1,561
    Bugfix is over! During this bugfix we fixed the next bug: 
    "Attack of the Shapeshifters: Losing a Shapeshifter attack doubles your surviving tools"

    Enjoy the rest of the event!
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    Morning all,

    Due to human error the E4K servers were not reachable for a short time this morning, but they should be back now. 

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this short downtime. 

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    Upcoming Events - February 2018

     Ice Championship (9th of February-1st of March)
    "Winter Assault" Server vs. Server Tournament (9th of February-1st of March)
    Shapeshifter event (16th-22nd of February)
    Alliance Tournament (19th-22nd of February) 

     Nomad Invasion (NO Khan's Revenge) (1st-5th of February)
     The Battle for Berimond (5th-9th of February)
     War of the Realms (9th-12th of February)
     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (12th-16th of February)
     Samurai Invasion (16th-20th of February)
     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (20th-24th of February)
     War of the Realms (24th of February - 1st of March)
     The Battle for Berimond (24th-27th of February)

    This month we will have two iterations of our Royal Quest Campaign, including some new rewards, check it out!

     Royal Quest (5th-16th of February)
    • Berimond & Storm Islands (5th-7th of February)
    • Berimond (7th-9th of February)
    • Glory Event (9th-12th of February)
    • Nomad Invasion (12th-15th of February)
    Planned Final Rewards:
    • Master Summoner (Hero)
    • Pool of the summoning (Decoration, 280 PO)
    • Food production build item (level 8)
    • Gem of the battle cry (level 10)

     Royal Quest (16th-27th of February)
    • Generic (16th-17th of February)
    • Glory Event (17th-20th of February)
    • Generic & Nomads (20th-22nd of February)
    • Nomad Invasion (22nd-24th of February)
    • Berimond (24th-27th of February)
    Planned Final Rewards:
    • The Mountain Sea-goat (Decoration, 320 PO)
    • Food storage build item (Level 7)
    • Food production build item (level 9)
    • Gem of the rebellion (Level 10)

    Some changes to the events schedule are still possible. We will let you know if any adjustments are necessary. 
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    Please see the Server vs Server thread for an update on a discovered bug! 
  • SeleneSelene Posts: 1,561
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    The first results for the Server vs Server event are in! Where did your server come?! Have a look at the Server vs Server thread to find out. 
  • AlpinoloAlpinolo Posts: 3,787
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    Hey guys,

    As mentioned last Friday already, we want to make sure everyone is aware of this issue. So we created another post about this:

    We just found out that the rewards in the HARD MODE of the current Ice Championship are not correct. The following gems are wrongly shown as rewards:

    • Crystal branch
    • Crystal leaf
    • Crystal seed
    • Crystal blossom
    Instead, the following castellan gems should be shown
    • Snow globe
    • Frozen pyramid
    • Ice cube
    • Glacial charm
    Please do not contact our support regarding this! We are aware of this and are investigating this issue, to assure that everyone who has qualified for these rewards will get the correct ones at the end of the current Ice Championship!

    Everyone who qualified for the respective rewards will get them AFTER the LTPE ended. You have to do nothing, the system will credit the correct rewards automatically to your accounts.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Your Empire Family
  • SeleneSelene Posts: 1,561
    The second set of results are now out in the Server vs Server thread! Have a look and get ready to receive your intermediate rewards... 
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    Upcoming Events - March 2018

     Emerald Trial (6th of March - 24th of March)
     Shapeshifter event (7th - 13th of March)

      Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (1st - 6th of March, 6:30am CET)
     Samurai Invasion (6th - 9th of March)
     The Battle for Berimond (6th - 9th of March)
     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (9th - 12th of March) 
     War of the Realms (12th - 15th of March)
     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (15th - 18th of March) 
     Samurai Invasion (18th - 21th of March)
     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (21th - 24th of March) 
     The Battle for Berimond (24th - 27th of March)
     War of the Realms (24th - 27th of March)
    Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (27th of March - 1st of April)

     Royal Quest (13th of March - 1st of April)
    • Glory (13th - 15th of March)
    • Nomads (15th - 16th of March)
    • Nomads & Khan (16th - 18th of March)
    • Glory (18th - 21st of March)
    • Nomads & Khan (21st - 24th of March)
    • Berimond (24th - 25th of March)
    • Berimond (25th - 27th of March)
    • Glory (27th - 27th of March) 
    • Nomads (27th - 31st of March) 
    Planned Final Rewards:
    • The Fish (Decoration, 320 PO)
    • Food production build item (level 9)

    Some changes to the events schedule are still possible. We will let you know if any adjustments are necessary. 
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    We will have a downtime today on the ARAB 1 Server only starting 14:00 CET spanning up to 2 hours (but maybe less). This is due to technical maintenance and preparations for the global update next week.
  • SeleneSelene Posts: 1,561
    Hey guys,

    As you probably know, there was an error with the rewards in 'hard mode' in the latest Ice Championship. To be precise: the incorrect Gems were credited. On Monday, between 12 pm - 3 pm CET we will grant the correct rewards to accounts of everyone who earned enough points. 

    ATTENTION: Please make sure there is enough free space in your gem inventory during that time. Gems will not be credited if your storage is full - and our Customer Service team will be unable to provide you with gems which are not credited this way.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  • AlpinoloAlpinolo Posts: 3,787
    Hey guys,

    We started around 2 pm CET with the gem compensation today. Unfortunately, not everyone has received the respective gem rewards so far. We are currently investigating these cases to assure that every affected player gets the rewards they earned during the Ice Championship Hard Mode. Once we have more info on how we proceed from here, we let you know. 

    Please do not contact our customer support regarding this.

    Apologies for the circumstances

    Your Empire Family
  • AlpinoloAlpinolo Posts: 3,787
    We got some news for you! The missing gems will be added this Wednesday, throughout that day. Please make sure you have enough room in your inventory, otherwise these gems will get lost! :)

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    Dear Community,

    Due to an issue with the Nomad/Khan event, we recently had to deactivate the Nomad vendors, as well as the related Nomad tool shops until further notice.

    Therefore, it's not possible to buy any Nomad/Khan tools and you'll not be able to hand-in Nomad/Khan tablets until the end of the event.

    Best regards,

    Your Empire Team
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    Dear all,

    Details of our next Twitch session have been posted! Please feel free to submit your questions on the thread. https://community.goodgamestudios.com/fourkingdoms/en/discussion/47463/empire-family-q-a-session-live-on-twitch-28-03-18-at-6pm-cest

    Please note that repeated questions will be deleted. 

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    Fierce warriors, 

    The cold and harsh winter season is finally over! Spring has come and with it a burst of renewal and regrowth. 

    To celebrate the arrival of the new season, we have prepared a special gift for you:
    This coming Friday you will receive a Spring Ruby Doubler. This means that for one of your purchases we will give you an extra 100% on top, regardless when and how many rubies you purchase! You will receive your gift automatically after you login to the game and can cash it in at any time!

    We wish you the very best start into the spring season and plenty fun playing!
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