Best troop setup for attacks

I've been recently wondering if my troop setup when I attack is the most efficient. In normal circumstances, I will send 4 waves, the 1st being all ranged, the 2nd being all melee, the 3rd being all ranged, and the 4th being all melee. Is this the best (least troops lost) setup? How do you set up your attacks?


  • sir Rubio (US1)sir Rubio (US1) Posts: 685US1
    Range breaks flanks , and front , melee for courtyard , yes you sending bad setups. Go all range on flanks , go first 2 waves range in front and 3rd and 4th wave go melee in front . 
  • sir Rubio (US1)sir Rubio (US1) Posts: 685US1
    Tool setup is just as important 
  • Thanks, so send more range than melee overall
  • sir Rubio (US1)sir Rubio (US1) Posts: 685US1
    Something like that yeah , you want to send all range on the flanks , in the front first two waves range and 3rd and 4th send melee . Always send full tools full army 
  • zeverso (US1)zeverso (US1) Posts: 403US1
    Pretty much. You can counter any ranged defenders with enough ranged tools, effectively making any ranged defender useless. However you can't counter melee defenders so you need to concentrate on eliminating those with their only weakness, ranged troops. always keep melee off the flanks as most of your wall battles will happen on the flanks. In the courtyard you won't have any tools so ranged defenders are going in full force against your attackers. That means you'll need melee attackers. it'll be hard for anyone to hold a gate with a well tooled attack past the second wave so if you keep those melee attackers at the back you are very likely to get them into then courtyard
  • sir Rubio (US1)sir Rubio (US1) Posts: 685US1
    You need to set ur tools properly as well not just troops 
  • Whatever setups after those few recently updates you will kill nothing anyway.
    But if you want to try still - mid 2nd wave rngs, rest melee is better tho, no shields only boulders+belfs+rams. Flanks 2x32 shields+belfs and rest belfs+boulders is most common setup. 
    Misir_cz @ Int2 (St0rM)
  • sir Rubio (US1)sir Rubio (US1) Posts: 685US1
    All depends on the target you might have to wait around for a year before you can certain players maybe longer . Why do you all even care about hitting a top player anyways I'm sure you weren't doing it before , many ways to get to the top of the mountain.
  • makaveli (GB1)makaveli (GB1) Posts: 85
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    Best setup is simple it's what ever one kills the most opponents. When hitting a top level player between his own def and support from others u r lucky to take out as many as you send tbh. Consider it a win if u send 3300 and take out 3500 when cy is holding 15k

    You will find some people have pre set tool setups but there well tested and defended against now sometimes throwing random setups can confuse a few
  • sir Rubio (US1)sir Rubio (US1) Posts: 685US1
    Yes sir I agree , if you kill more then you sent that's a win :) 
  • BeeKeeper (GB1)BeeKeeper (GB1) Posts: 12GB1
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    Is there a way of knowing what type of attack is coming yr way? Ranged?melee?on the First wave...

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