Scrapping of 1+1

Dear Team,

Congrats for the new update which let us do recruitments and tools production by auto now.
Have read the Royal post on 1+1 which gge said is EXPLOITING. Can we know exploiting who? Every player irrespective of level , Ruby , non ruby can do that. In what way it's so unfair and exploiting? Scrapping of 1+1 is just robbing us of our hard earned coins. Even the most active player can't recruit beyond 4 to 5k max in 24 hrs. What's the point if being active? Please do roll back and reinstate 1+1..If not let us know more clearly on how it's exploiting players!


  • Yes. I agree. We request to incorporate 1+1 back in recruitment system.
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    Dear Team GGS,

    first of all congratz for the new update, its the biggest till now, 1st time GgS thought for players playing there game. But on other side you cut off the players potential and there reach. As stated in the forum and in Warning / Announcement after the update that 1+1is exploiting the fair game, just wanted to know how it is and to whom its EXPLOITING.. even the players of levl 10 do that, even ruby players do 1+1 than how it can EXPLOIT the fairness of the game??? Now players can recruit max 4-5k in 24hrs and that too an active player who play the game for 18-20hours and who hav PO of 10-12k or above And more than 50-60% not even having PO of 10k they cant evn recruit 4k in 24hrs, who can before recruit 8-11k by 1+1, so i request you please reinstate 1+1 option in the same auto recruit set up so that we can enjoy the game rather than depend on buying troops.

    think about the players too rather than your business and your pockets. Setting up new updates are good but making players to buy more and more because of your favour is bad move. 

    Bcoz of low troops no one can loot more, play events, and many other things like before.

    so think about it, and reinstate the 1+1 option again.

    Hustler ReUnion

    Hustler ReUnion @ GG 1

  • Niladry (IN1)Niladry (IN1) Posts: 1
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    1+1 used to be an outcome of activitivness  of a player...Ggs is forcing us to buy more army by this move... After nomads non Ruby players performed very well. 
    Giving an alternative of mod is a very good effort from ggs...But can't find any suitable reason for turning off 1+1 option
  • Yes I agree too. 
    Firstly ggs increased price of Ruby then withdrawn 1+1. As per my loot structure and loss. If I don't buy regularly it won't be possible to maintain army with recruitment only. This game is getting damn expensive. 
    I think 1+1 is exploiting ggs's business only.
  • MD536 (IN1)MD536 (IN1) Posts: 8IN1
    Yes 1+1 is require to save coins the new update consume more coins also taking more time to making army. Its look like this update is for making more revenue.  please tell us how it's exploiting players!
  • JD9 (IN1)JD9 (IN1) Posts: 2IN1
    Yes I agree this update is good for producing tools no doubt but for recruitment it's too costly to do 5+1 plus it take far more time to recruit and taking a lot amount of coins, The only change that can make this update very useful for all that instead of taking 5 from slot of 80 if take 1 solder at a time Then we can get double amount 160 in recruiting it will help us in time and cost both...
  • Lezley (GB1)Lezley (GB1) Posts: 2,412GB1
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    Personally i love both changes to tools and recruitment. By exploiting I think they may mean they hadn't thought of it when they implemented +1 or its related to the bot warning they issued, and was exploited by folks using them.

    Also if you want to you can still recruit 5 at a time, but it takes same amount of time as 5 are recruited out of however many upto 80 you recruit! Unless you play game 24 hours a day, just run recruitment whilst you sleep or at work etc.
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  • Newport (US1)Newport (US1) Posts: 44US1
    Was players using bots to build armies while not even being in game. Trust me, I faithfully built 1+1 the correct way, me sitting there for two or three feasts over course of 12-18 hrs to build 6-7k troops. While players who im aware of went out and did rl stuff and oet their bot recruit for them. Thats why they scrapped it. Few bad apples ruined it for everyone 
  • @Newport (US1) i agree with you, fine if some players exploiting it, but now when ggs updated there servers there will be no one out there using bot... so scrapping a 1+1 now only means that there are still fault in there system, or they just want to inc there business in terms of money so that players will invest more... nd you said you recruited for 12-18 hours, me and my friend alok, victor in IN1 servers we stayed awake for whole 24hrs during nobilities nd recruit manually without any bot amd 12-18hrs daily...

    so coming back to the point, scrapping 1+1 even aftr the server update was RIGHT MOVE?????

    Hustler ReUnion @ GG 1

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