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Alliance mechanisms out of balance

There are several mechanisms in game that are now almost exclusively the preserve of the ~five to ten top alliances on every map. 
Most people I would assume know what I'm talking about here: Capitals, Trading Metropoleis, Royal Towers, and, to a lesser extent, Monuments.

As the first four of these are small, finite resources on the world map, they are pretty much snapped up by these big players and held there. This is a huge shame, as these features in the game are actually pretty cool, in my mind. This also provides the most powerful alliances with yet more power. If you'll pardon the bad analogy, this is like deciding billionaires need more help than the poorest in society. 

Simply adding more of these to the world map isn't going to do a great deal of good. Instead the game devs could pursue avenues such as (and these are just a couple of suggestions so I'm not just complaining whilst not adding anything constructive):

-Giving alliances the ability to "build" these resources with alliance funds, as players do with outposts.
- Giving access to these resources to alliances as they reach certain levels, either on the world map or just through the alliance menu.

Monuments are also largely inaccessible to lower level alliances. Whilst they are certainly easier to get hold of, smaller alliances lack the ability to market barrow 2,700,000 resources across to them to level them up fully (if both my calculations and the numbers on the wiki are in order). Smaller alliances also have the slight problem that the monuments accessible to them are usually halfway across the map, so market barrows are incredibly time consuming.

To solve this, monument levelling up could be means tested to the level of the alliance (so a smaller alliance needs to send less resources), and the mechanism of levelling up could just be directly out of player or alliance resources, no market barriers involved. This would solve both of these problems. 

Before someone goes and shouts "the game devs wouldn't want to fix this, they only care about the rubies" let me just say that it would be surely more profitable for them if the majority of the game was focussed on building up these resources rather than now, when just five to ten alliances worth of players have access to them.

Thanks for reading all that, if you got this far :)

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