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May/June 2021 Feedback and Questions

Dear Community,
Please post your feedback and questions here for May/June update.
Kindly note, the mods understand your feelings regarding the earlier change in blacksmith as well as the Storm update and have already communicated the same to the GG team.



  • Alex Ferguson (HIS1)Alex Ferguson (HIS1) HIS1 Posts: 3
    edited 17.06.2021
    no se que os pasa por la cabeza, la ambicion el dinero os tiene  ciegos, le quitaron la manera de poder jugar eventos a todos al dañar el maestro herrero, hasta los que mas recargan usaban los cofres y pendones ilimitados, no seais tan y devolved el herrero a como estaban antes
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  • o servidor br1 está insatisfeito com: a última atualização, com anúncios abusivos, Primes sem avanço do tempo, diminuição da quantidade, aumento do custo, diminuição dos soldados e ferramentas nas ofertas.
  • DzJeff (INT4)DzJeff (INT4) INT4 Posts: 2

    This is a shame they make this game pay yo win, it was fun befor but unless they change it I wont ever spend money on this game again!

  • RLima (BR1)RLima (BR1) BR1 Posts: 2
    Dear Community,
    Please post your feedback and questions here for May/June update.
    Kindly note, the mods understand your feelings regarding the earlier change in blacksmith as well as the Storm update and have already communicated the same to the GG team.

    Bom dia . Vocês acabaram de matar nosso servidor com essa atualização de ferramentas…. Nosso servidor já está morto .. muitos jogadores parando de jogar diariamente por motivos de preços abusivos.. uma coisa que prendia muitos jogadores eram os estoques de ferramentas, daí vocês vem com um papo de equilibrar os eventos aumentando os valores das ferramentas em 1000%??? Sabia que muitos iram parar ? Vocês sabiam que os preços das suas primes times são abusivas ??? 
    Porque vocês não diminui os preços das primes ? Isso sim iria equilibrar o jogo 
    E aumentar a quantidade de jogar .. outra fator de muitos parar são as fichas do evento exterior . Recursos do evento selva … vocês não estão vendo que sempre quem ganha esses eventos são sempre os mesmo jogadores??? 
    A moeda deles tem mais valor sabiam né ? Enquanto eles gastam 50 euros 
    Temo que gastar 500 reais .. muito sem lógica isso , a moeda tinha que ser 1 por 1 , daí vocês fazem o câmbio e mata nosso servidor aos poucos .. se eles gastam 50 euros , o brasileiro tinha que gastar 50 reais,, Empire cada vez mais perde jogador por esses fatos aí 
    Hoje mesmo muito membros da minha aliança estão falando em parar 
    Não conseguimos competir com os eventos exterior e selva pelo motivo do valor da moeda 
    As primes times preços extremamente caros ….. agora a única forma do pessoal jogar os eventos eram as ferramentas 
    Daí vocês vem e aumenta para 1000%??? 
    Estou de luto pelo nosso servidor 
    Vocês acabaram de nos matar …… 

    A partir 
    De hoje não gasto mais 1 real no jogo 
    Não gasto mesmo ! Consequentemente irei desanimar e parar com o jogo ! 
    Mais um vez obrigado por matar nosso servidor br1
  • Dedy (INT2)Dedy (INT2) INT2 Posts: 2

    Game is becoming a big pile of kako... We have new players in alliance, which play from 1-6 months, just reached legendary level and are thinking to leave the game... Its sad how devs destroyed the game soo much its basically unplayable... I just enter the game here and there just to preserve my account because i thrown allot of money in it...sad :(

  • non ho parole per commentare le vostre decisioni chiaramente siete orientati a rimanete solo con big spender

    giorgio primo @ GG 1
  • Thanks GGE, In this update there is no way to compete in Events. So only spenders will stay and non-ruby players will quit. And An Active Non-ruby Player Time Will be saved And he can use that time in some other things.

  • Jenne (NL1)Jenne (NL1) NL1 Posts: 578

    I gave it up since 2 years. No need to complain. Nothing will happen. For me the game ended 2 years ago. There is nothing to do anymore. Wood, stone, oil, glass, ... I have no idea for what I need it. I dont play outers or horizon because I am not a retarded person to start everytime from 0 so I have currency to build my main castle. No way!

    I started another game. Its also from 0. No worries with popups. Gameplay gge is 20%. To much crap on your display that you need to click away first.

  • ZGRel (INT2)ZGRel (INT2) INT2 Posts: 3
    economically nonsense. even rubies does not help

    Looks like I will be joining the masses here top work gge you probably did a job on 99% of the remaining players most will now leave

    Only rebalancing your doing is in your bank accounts as you certainly don't care about the players playing your game

    Gge management read forum take note and act accordingly or do what you usually do which is stick 2 fingers up at those who play your game then count the number filing out the exit door

  • Warspite (AU1)Warspite (AU1) AU1 Posts: 65
    Dear Community,
    Please post your feedback and questions here for May/June update.
    Kindly note, the mods understand your feelings regarding the earlier change in blacksmith as well as the Storm update and have already communicated the same to the GG team.

    @BM_Red Phoenix - Thanks for pushing the wheelbarrow on this issue - albeit up hill it would seem. I agree wholeheartedly with all the sentiments expressed and can’t really recall any issue raising such disquiet in the game community. I hope the GG head shed takes note and takes remedial action to actually balance things taking the grassroots game community’s feedback into account. Keep on punching away! 
  • After this MBS update, the event points have fallen drastically this reminds me of the old days when 150k khan points was a big thing. Instead of updating this game and taking it to next level, you are bringing it back to the beginning. This shows your updates are ruining this game. And yes now there will be a complete balance as only heavy spenders will be playing.. the rest will leave.

    Thanks for the update. Hope you will continue to encourage players to save their time not waste it on some worthless game.

  • NataliSt (INT2)NataliSt (INT2) INT2 Posts: 1

    Hi friends. I would like to tell you that after the last update, I really want to leave the game. You have done everything possible to prevent us from playing the game. I hope at least you are satisfied. I bought rubies, tools, decorative elements. But after the changes at the blacksmith, I am disgusted and disappointed. You needed to make changes, but not so radical. There are no coins without tools, we cannot buy tools without coins. I would like to thank you for the great times and that I met a lot of good people in the game. This is no longer about playing, but paying. Good luck, NataliSt INT2

  • Decepção
    Incrível como em um dia, vocês conseguiram desanimar tanta gente desse jogo, que por muitos anos, nos fez formarmos grandes parcerias, grandes amizades e muitas histórias, de guerras, eventos e batalhas. Desde essa mudança, dezenas ou até centenas de jogadores, diariamente  estão parando de jogar. Façam algo urgente, para reverter esse quadro, manter os atuais jogadores, é o único caminho para manter esse jogo ativo e competitivo. Pensem nIsso e com urgência.
  • Hey Guys,
    I understand how distressing the changes in the blacksmith are and we are all adjusting to it as we go along. Having discussed this in depth with the community managers, I know the Studio is aware of how strongly we feel about this situation and the imperative to understand community needs.

    To that end, its important that an honest and respectful dialogue takes place and CM Crom has agreed to a voice chat Q&A with E4K players on Friday at 2 pm CEST on GG Discord.
    Please use this opportunity to ask your questions about the game changes. Server TOS will apply and you'll be required to type in your game name, server and question, so that we are able to pass you the Speaker role to ask the same. 


  • @Gamerrocco1 (IT1)
    @Trogdor (INT4)

    Please note, strikes and boycott posts are against forum TOS and your comments have been removed. Kindly do not post the same here

  • Trogdor (INT4)Trogdor (INT4) INT4 Posts: 15

    Even removing our post won't change that fact that GG has ruined the game and players are going INACTIVE and QUITING the game by the boat load soon all GG will have are their "big spenders " and when they have no one to fight they quit too. The game EMPIRE KINGDOMS is dying by the day as GG refuse to fix their error that was obviously made in greed as every player see and acknowledge. So many are simply afraid to lose their account still hoping things will go back. As for me I don't care most likely GG won't fix this and this game will die as hundreds before it go out of fad or get ruined by their creator like in this case. I'm not a free player complaining I spent hundreds on this game in the 2 plus years I've played as many others I know have. So delete me if you feel the need but it changes nothing on how the bulk mass of your players feel. I'll post for all the players who can't or are afraid their distaste for this greedy decision by GG everyday till my account is deleted or the game is fixed.

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