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Blacksmith Changes June 2021

Dear Lords and Ladies,

Since we introduced the changes to the Blacksmith last year we have had a massive inflation in the game of stocks of items that can be purchased there. The effect of this is that the gameplay became unbalanced and unpredictable. In turn this makes it harder for us to correctly implement updates and changes to the game as we could have a detrimental effect on gameplay for all players or worse still on only certain sections of the players. To this end we have had to implement some changes in the Blacksmith to ameliorate the problem and bring stocks under control. The most heavily inflated items of the game are tools in their various incarnations although other stocks are also proving a problem.

To deal with this we are changing the way you can purchase tools and some other items in the Blacksmith. You will now have three tiers of packages. The first tier is a limited stock of cheap packages. This will enable you to buy and use tools even if you are a casual player. The second tier is a more expensive but still limited set of packages. The final tier is unlimited but is considered relatively expensive and will be suitable for our hardcore players that are invested in all our events.

We are aware that this will limit the availability of tools, and certain other items, for some players. However we need to implement this change to maintain a healthy game play balance across the game. We hope that you understand the need to do this and we also hope that this only has a minimal effect on your enjoyment of our games.

Kindest Regards,

Your Empire Family

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