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No Alliance tournament

Why these days there is no Alliance tournament? Also GGS have become miser in distributing feathers. I know there is Master blacksmith from where we can buy them but we also used to get large number of feathers by competing in alliance tounaments. So GGS please bring back the alliance tournament..


  • Localhost (ID1)Localhost (ID1) ID1 Posts: 67

    I told you, GGS are abandoning the old events, and events like samurai, Blade coast, and oriental leaves are yet to come. Even today is samurai, it is nomad.

  • Localhost (ID1)Localhost (ID1) ID1 Posts: 67

    Since the change of Top 100 rewards, the events now become boring, because there is no samurai, collector, and Blade coast events. I wonder if these events back with new reward

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