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Update : 15 April 2021 - Bugs Fixed Log

Dear Lords and Ladies,
King Eric's Engineers have been hard at work putting things to right, here is what they've repaired in the Great Empire this month:

- Solved an issue where progress from attacking a Bloodcrow castle was not counted.
- Solved issue where occasionally a flash error would appear when opening the attack dialog.
- Fixed issue where some castles and outposts would show with wrong visuals.
- Fixed issue where some players were unable to send resources or attacks.
- Kingdoms’ League - Fixed issue where reward pass was also applied to rewards that were locked.
- Kingdoms’ League - Fixed issue where promotion pass discount was sometimes  not correctly applied.
- Kingdoms’ League - Fixed issue where the header text for the event end was not displayed completely.
- Kingdoms' League - Fixed issue where rubies were sometimes deducted and promotion pass was not credited.
- Gems dialog - Solved issue where the item effect section in the confirmation dialog was misplaced.
- Fixed issue where the screen would occasionally flicker when certain dialogs were opened.


Your Empire Team
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