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Update : 15th April 2021 - Event Unlock Requirements

Minimum Level Requirements Changes

Dear Lords and Ladies,

After our most recent invasion event reward changes were implemented by beginning of April, a follow up adjustment will henceforth be put into effect:

The entry levels - meaning the required level that you’ll need in order to participate in the respective invasion event - will change quite significantly. As the entry levels for each respective invasion event will vary we would like to provide you with a bulleted list of them, which will look as follows:

  • Samurai Invasion event entry requires player level 10
  • War of the Realms event entry requires player level 20
  • Collector Events entry requires player level 20
  • Nomad Invasion entry requires player level 30
  • Battle for Berimond entry requires player level 40
  • Bladecoast entry requires player level 45
  • Shapeshifter entry requires entry requires player level 55

Please be aware: The aforementioned entry level requirements will indicate the minimum level that you’ll need to have reached in order to participate in the listed events. If your level is below the listed player level then you will not be able to participate in the event.

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