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Second Chance Valentines Day and Berimond

2600 Public Order on Offer

Spring has sprung across the Great Empire and there is the scent of the early flowers on the breeze, but peace won’t last long and war is always on the horizon!

The Pedestal of Eternal Love!

In case you missed out earlier in the month we’ve got a great second chance sale for you lasting until the 7th of March 2021. You’ll be able to get both the Pedestal of Eternal Love and the Pedestal of Passionate Love with a Public Order of 2500 and 2600 respectively. You’ll also be able to avail of our great new Build Items like the Bakery Storage level 25 and Food Production Increase level 29.

Check out all the offers in the shop today!

Who is the rightful king of Berimond?

On the wide plains of Berimond, armies are amassing to decide the fate to the heirs of accursed kingdom. Flocks of carrion crows darken the sky in anticipation of the feast to come. Will you be joining the Battle for Berimond today?

Benefit from the 200% Prime Times today!

King Eric in his infinite majesty has decided to bestow his loyal Lords and Ladies with a wonderful 200% Prime Time on rubies.The great doors of the treasury won’t remain open forever, this bounty will only be available a few times over the course of Today!

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