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Accessibility in the game "Horizon"

The outer kingdoms activity has been fairly balanced and successful, but I can't say the same for the horizon. The bottom limit for entering the alliance rankings on Horizon is 1000 and it's fine, but the rewards are really very few.It can cost life to get some things in the game with these rewards, and the player ranking is really impossible, I think you should make the lower limit in this ranking in a balanced way as in outer kingdoms because accessibility is also it is very important in the game and you are the one who put it in the polls.


  • Hey @MamiReiS (INT4)
    I hear you, horizons rss/rewards are needed to progress your account in the game. I will put your feedback forward. However, horizons is a competitive environment and therefore rewards are structured in a way, where you get more for ranking higher.

  • MamiReiS (INT4)MamiReiS (INT4) INT4 Posts: 2
    @BM_Red Phoenix
    First of all, thank you very much, even one feedback made me happy. Thank you also for your attention and assistance. And yes the horizon is a competitive environment and the prizes are fine according to the player rankings, but because some players charge more than other players each time the horizon event and the bottom line to enter the player rankings is very difficult, those players dont allow other players to enter the rankings and therefore our only prize the place we can get is the alliance ranking. It becomes impossible for us to develop in the game as we can get 10-15 fabrics in the alliance rank. If the lower limit on the player rankings is lowered and the rewards in the alliance rankings are increased, you will really make us happy.

    I think the bonus skin elements coming with the latest update make up for this, but we still want to take advantage of the rewards on the horizon. :)

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