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The war between Romans Leaders vs GFV (Server ID1)

The great war after two big alliance which always run for event each other, and attacking each other in their OP and Main castle. There is *Romans Leader* who standing as the number 1 on this server (ID1) versus HOT WHEELS which gain number 2 the strongest ally after Romans Leader.

This war has been ended in 2020.

And then ,GFV showed up... Against ROMANS LEADERS.!!

I am as the member of alliance GFV really have a good time and hard time about the war between my alliance and Romans Leader.. GFV standing for the number 3 Strongest alliance in server after HOT WHEELS. It takes a loot of courage and strategy to take down the number 1 alliance in the server.

Although, Romans Leaders was one of my favorite alliance. It was, Because when i first play this game, i saw that alliance was really strong and big. But the game has changed... War dirrection has measured well.. Troops has been pass away.. Castle and outpost must have raging fire inside it.. Enemy can be friend. And friend can be enemy.

I am always prepared for war against Romans Leaders.. Even if i only small level player (289 legend) but the experience, the tension, the rage between alliance is really really makes me wanna join the war and win it.. Not only for win the war. But to make a new friend circle, a new pact, a new atmosphere, and a New Era in server ID 1.


Thanks, Best regards.

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