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I'm actually done

I've played this game for four years and on 2 different servers, but i can't take it anymore. I'm done

Every update released these past few years have just increased the pay to win gap, and have made the game overall more of a grind, sucking out the the last few drops of fun and strategy left.

I don't know if this is just with me, but the game is very slow and laggy. The world map loads slowly, and several tabs and tents never responded when i tap them, forcing me to restart the app. Add in all the bugs that developers spend months to fix, and it becomes almost unplayable.

Looking back at all the times i played this game, I'm glad i didn't spend any money as there's no incentive to play past legendary level 10. Once you reach that level, you don't unlock anything new until legendary level 600. Even if you do reach that level, what's next? It takes about 8 million xp to reach lvl800. That means you have to finish the "no time for weaklings" quest 1,600 times, and with blood crow castles only having 500 troops, it seems almost impossible.

I'll admit though, I've had lots of fun with the game, especially during my first years because everything was new for me. I've played with loads of wonderful people, and enjoyed participating in pvp and events. But for the past year, the only reason I've played was because of my alliance mates. I'm confident that's why most people play now to, but for me, it's not enough anymore.

If you've gotten this far into my rant, then you probably know about all the issues this game has. But one i think isn't discussed enough is the new Master Blacksmith. At first, it seems like good idea, choosing your own rewards is better, but unlimited event tools is where the system fails. Though every can get large amounts of points in events, pay to win players have access to a premium shop where they can buy the best event tools for a handful of rubies. This just inflates the events, and makes them more of a grind.

Though there are hundreds of other topics i could complain about, equipment is the biggest one. Players have to spend hours selling equipment individually because the developers put auto selling equipment behind a pay wall. And with the introduction of relic equipment, every other tier of equipment has become useless, which might i add is a reward most events give out.

I could go on and on, but i don't think every issue needs an explanation, so here are some honorable mentions:

- Outdated event rewards

- No new events, same ones cycled every week

- pvp has died, and is only for ptw players

- ruby purchases are expensive, yet rubies are earned in small amounts

- customer service takes months to reply to issues

- construction tokens have become harder to get

- food production has inflated, especially for ptw players

- 90% of rewards in master blacksmith are useless, yet are all at the top

- the HOL needs to be upgraded 550 times

- berimond unit pictures don't show up

- hundreds of different tools and troops that are useless, and just take up space

- taxes are useless

- GGE doesn't communicate with players

There is no reason for me to play anymore, so I'm done. I would say i hope things get better, but my optimism has run out


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