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Taxes rework

With how expensive a lot of things are getting coin-wise, I think the best solution would be to rework an under-utilized feature of the game: taxes.

Currently, you can send out the tax collector to collect taxes from your citizens if you own dwellings. I consider this to be the biggest issue. Other buildings do not require manual interaction to function. You do not need to send your woodcutters to the forest to collect wood or order your farmers to begin harvesting food.

Dwellings and townhouses should automatically produce coins based on the level of the building. This would be a huge improvement to dwellings and townhouses, which are currently useless in pretty much any level of the game, as the paltry coins you get from collecting taxes are not worth the public order loss from having dwellings.

The tax collector will become more like the overseers, increasing the coins each building produces. These changes should make dwellings much more useful, as well as helping players acquire more coins and maybe increase spending since town houses would be a much better purchase. Any thought?


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