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    Upcoming Events - April 2018

    Here you can only find the plan of our events for April. 
     Server vs. Server event: Spring Showdown (27th of March - 13th of April)
     Spring nights festival (27th of March - 24th of April)

     Samurai Invasion (1st-4th of April)
      Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge  (4th-8th of April)
     Alliance Tournament (5th-8th of April) 
     War of the Realms (8th-12th of April)
     The Battle for Berimond (8th-12th of April)
     Attack of the Shapeshifters (11th-17th of April)
      Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge(12th-16th of April)
     Samurai Invasion (16th-20th of April) 
     The Battle for Berimond (16th-20th of April)
      Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge(20th-24th of April)
     Alliance Tournament (21st-24th of April)
     Attack of the Shapeshifters (22nd-28th of April)
     The Battle for Berimond (24th-27th of April)
     War of the Realms (24th-27th of April)
      Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge(27th of April-1st of May)

     Royal Quest (16th of April-28th of April)

    Some changes to the events schedule are still possible. We will let you know if any adjustments are necessary. 
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    Hey all,

    There is currently an issue which is related to the Nomad/Khan event, where players are loosing spies in E4K. Due to this there will be a Hotfix today between 12.00 - 17:00CEST.  The downtime for this will probably be 45 - 60 minutes long.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused. 

    EDIT: this issue will no longer be fixed today as it is still under investigation. 

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    Dear all,

    Due to a bunch of sickness related absences in our team, we have had to postpone the Empire Family Twitch Stream. The Stream will be rescheduled to the next week on the 4th of April and happen at 18:00 (6:00 PM CEST). 

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    Dear Community, 

    As you all know there currently exists a bug which results in a popup message appearing after every attack on longterm point event enemies/camps. 

    This message is tied to the Alliance Tournament, so we will implement an Alliance Tournament iteration tomorrow (Friday) at 10:30 and it will last until Tuesday morning 09:00. 

    This implementation will result in the message not appearing anymore. 

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Team
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    Hi all,

    Sorry for the very short notice! 

    We'll have a maintenance today in order to fix an issue with the event dialogue pop-up message. The downtime will happen between 09:30 CEST & 11:00 CEST and last ~30 minutes. 

    Food will be frozen as always.

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    Dear all,

    We have to restart the following servers due to the spy issue we had:

    HIS, BR, AR, MX, PL (Android) and GR

    We will start with the process in a few minutes. 

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    Hey guys, 

    We plan to have a small server update on Thursday 12th of April.

    The issue that has to be fixed revolves around the Spy/Attack problem which occurred during the Nomad Invasion/Khan's Revenge event:

    • Spies and Attack randomly disappear when attacking Khan
    The downtime will last approx. 30 minutes and food will be frozen during that time. Since this is just a server update, no new client version is needed. 

    Thanks for your patience.

    Your Empire Family 
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    Hey guys,

    As you might have noticed, there is a lot going on with our offers lately. New, adjusted and also very time-limited offers were introduced to the game to give everyone the possibility to arm for their next big battle. Despite the very good feedback from you guys regarding the new offers, we received also some complaints about those permanent pop-ups, even during fierce combat, interrupting your game flow. We heard you and to provide you a good and variable experience in the whole Empire, we will continue optimizing our offers and with that also the mechanics behind them. In our upcoming updates, we are going to introduce new ways to take advantage of our offers, less annoying but more convenient for everyone!

    Stay tuned!

    Your Empire Family
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    Hey all,

    There will be a global server restart today at 1pm CEST to fix a royal quest campaign issue where players had some quests running twice. 

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    Hey all,

    There will be a server maintenance tomorrow on HIS1, BR1, and AR1. 

    The start time will be around 9:30am CEST and the downtime will last ~15 minutes.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

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    Dear Community,

    As you probably noticed, there's something legendary coming up and you waited patiently for the last few days, wondering what the big revelation might look like.

    We are happy to tell you: your patience pays off and your wait is now over!

    A picture tells more than a thousand words they say. We can top even that. That’s why we proudly present to you the latest top notch project from Awe Me. 

    Check out the video on their YouTube channel and watch how the immensely talented guys from the Men at Arms team forge a true masterpiece of flawless craftsmanship! 

    So without further ado, enjoy the creation of this legendary piece of art:      

    The Tale of Rising Fury

    Long before the modern age of the Great Empire, the lands of Berimond were occupied by the houses of two kings: King Leopold I of the House of Gerbrandt, and King Gunter of the House of Ursidae. For years these two houses lived in relative peace, respecting their rival’s borders, and focusing their attentions only on the growth and prosperity of their own kingdoms.

    However, as the age of scientific enlightenment dawned, scholars and scientists from each house discovered that the lands of Berimond were rich in a rare mineral that could be used to expand their cultural, economic and militaristic horizons beyond imagination. What was once a cordial relationship between the two houses rapidly descended to one of mistrust and rivalry, as each king sought total dominion of the lands and the riches hidden beneath.

    It wasn’t long before the first Great Battle for Berimond spilled onto the battlefields, and with each king distracted by matters of conflict, the once prosperous kingdoms of Gerbrandt and Ursidae fell into a state of turmoil.

    After years of battling, the chaos of the war started to attract groups of bandits and anarchists from the mountains who saw the conflict as the perfect opportunity to pillage the riches of Berimond without fear of reprisal. Chief among these groups were the notorious Metalsmith Knights.

    Artisan blacksmiths whose abilities with hammer and anvil were matched only by their abilities with sword and shield, the Metalsmith Knights were ferocious warriors who savagely dealt with the meagre resistance they encountered as they raided and pillaged the land of its riches. It wasn’t long before their presence in Berimond represented a serious problem for both houses and the two kings each placed high bounties on the heads of the knight’s generals.

    As bloody war continued to wage on the battlefields, small groups of bounty hunters scoured the mountains in search of the Metalsmith Knights. Eventually, after many months of hunting, a small group was found and captured by raiders loyal to the House of Gerbrandt.

    Presented before King Leopold I himself, the captured knights expected imprisonment or execution, but were instead offered a deal: In return for their allegiance on the battlefield, the King would grant the Metalsmith Knights their freedom and allow them to keep the riches they had pillaged. The generals accepted the king’s offer and, with their help, victory in the first Great Battle for Berimond was soon claimed by the house of Gerbrandt.

    The age of Gerbrandt had begun.

    In the aftermath of his victory, King Leopold I remained true to his word and granted the knights their freedom, providing them with safe passage back to the mountains and the assurance that they would no longer be hunted by his men.

    Twelve months passed before the knights were seen again, when, unannounced, a Knight elder returned to Berimond to present the King with a gift of gratitude: A sword, forged in the fires of the Fire Peak Mountains and crafted using the minerals pillaged from the lands. It was, the king was assured, the mightiest blade in the empire.

    The years that followed were marked by further conflicts on the battlefield as the house of Ursidae tried to re-establish their claim to the lands. However, while the first Great Battle for Berimond spanned many years, the battles that followed were easily dominated by the house of Gerbrandt, and no matter how many duels were fought, breastplates pierced, or enemies slain, the king’s new blade remained unscathed. Never dented, never dulled, never defeated.

    Such was Leopold’s dominance of the battlefield during these years, he earned the nickname “The Fury King” and his sword became known as “Fury’s Blade.” In fact, in the eyes of many, it was the sword and not the king that was responsible for the Gerbrandts’ supremacy during the war and blacksmiths and scientists throughout the land dedicated their lives trying to replicate its might. None, however, came even close to matching the craftsmanship of the Metalsmith Knights’ iconic design. It was, as the king had been assured, the mightiest blade in the empire.

    Upon the death of King Leopold I, Fury’s Blade was passed to his eldest son and heir to the Gerbrandt throne: Prince Deximus. Raised on the battlefields of Berimond, the young prince was known for his fickle temper and lust for bloodshed and, soon after ascending the throne, immediately began work on a strategy that would rid Berimond of the house of Ursidae forever.

    Knowing that his armies didn’t possess the strength or equipment to completely destroy the last vestiges of their great rivals on their own, Deximus turned to the Metalsmith Knights for help. Sending an envoy carrying riches beyond measure deep into the mountains, the young king hoped the knights would forge for him enough swords to equip each of his warriors. However, the Knights, now a peaceful and reclusive community concerned only with the safety and survival of their people, refused the new King’s request and returned the riches he had offered.

    Angered by their unwillingness to respect his authority, the arrogant young King retaliated by sending 100 of his strongest men into the mountains to capture the Knights and return them to his court.

    After twelve days, a solitary warrior returned carrying with him a message stating that, in light of his treachery, the king must return Fury’s Blade to the mountains before the rise of the 7th sun.

    Deximus, of course, refused.

    On the morning of the 7th sun, the King woke to find the waters of his castle moat running red with the blood and remains of the 99 warriors who hadn’t returned from the mountains. Unperturbed, the king kept the sword by his side and each morning woke to the news that more of his commanders and warriors had disappeared during the night.

    After a month of relentless bloodshed that left his armies in tatters, Deximus finally relented and returned to the sword to the Knights, who sealed it within enchanted stone and placed it the high upon the mountains of Berimond as a constant reminder of his treachery.

    Without the sword, and with his armies depleted by the vengeful Metalsmith Knights, Deximus quickly lost his grip on the lands of Berimond as the house of Ursidae began to reassert their strength on the battlefield.

    The age of Gerbrandt was over.

    As the years passed, warriors, scholars and nobles from both houses scaled the mountains in an attempt to free the sword from its tomb, but none succeeded.

    As the wars waged, hunters, scouts and armies explored the mountains in search of the legendary Metalsmith Knights, but none could be found.

    The sword, it seemed, would be entombed forever and the knights who had crafted it were lost to legend.

    That is, until today when a messenger carrying a scroll sealed with the insignia of the now legendary Metalsmith Knights arrived in the Great Empire.

    Fearing that the secret to releasing the blade from its tomb will one day be discovered, the last Guardian of the Metalsmith Knight has reached out to the castle lords of the Great Empire in search of a successor worthy of protecting the blade and keeping it out of the hands of the bloodthirsty kings of Berimond.

    To prove his worthiness, the next guardian of Fury’s Blade must prove his ability to defend his lands from invading armies, dominate the battlefields of Berimond, and protect his people from the threat of the Shapeshifters.

    The castle lord who most impresses the last Guardian of the Metalsmith Knights in these endeavors will earn the right to protect Fury’s Blade and himself become a Guardian of the Metalsmith Knights.

    It’s time to unleash fury on the battlefields!


    New Event: The Battle for Fury's Blade

    Fierce warriors of our Great Empire, we welcome you to The Battle for Fury's Blade.

    In this event you players will be able to win the actual sword made by the Men at Arms Team from Awe Me, which you already saw in the YouTube video! Furthermore, a shield worn by legendary warriors of the Ursidae line can also be won, as well as a specially created artwork, signed by the whole development team.

    But you may ask “How does this event look like and how do you determine the winner?”.

    Well, let's get down to business shall we!?


    What can I win?

    The overall Top 3 players will be rewarded with the real life rewards which we mentioned before:

    The 3rd place will be rewarded with an awesome artwork, which showcases the key visual for our Battle for Fury's Blade event and which will be signed by the entire team.

    The 2nd place will be rewarded with the real Ursidae Shield.

    The overall winner, our 1st place, will receive the legendary real sword of King Leopold: The Fury's Blade!!!


    Keep in mind that the Top 3 players are determined from both games, so this means, that there are no respective Top 3 for Empire and Top 3 for Empire: Four Kingdoms. The Top 3 will be composed of the overall 3 best players!


    Furthermore, every player from the server of the corresponding ranking group will get the stated reward:


    Stage 1 - The Spring Nights Festival (7th of May - 22nd of May) REWARDS

    Gold    500 x Berimond Elite Point Booster

    Silver   500 x Berimond Point Booster


    Stage 2 - Battle for Berimond (22nd of May - 25th of May) REWARDS

    Gold    Longterm point event Booster 300% for 6 hours

    Silver   Longterm point event Booster 100% for 6 hours


    After the final Stage 3 (25th-30th of May) event players will get the following final rewards:


    Top 3 servers:

    All players from the top 3 servers

    The fury forge, 400 Public order,


    Additionally, players will get the Base food production build item level 9.


    Other servers:

    All player from these servers will get the decoration "Fury's Tomb" with 275 Public order and the Base food production build item level 7.


    Fury’s Tomb, 275 Public order.

    Top 50 Empire players/Top 50 E4K players:

    Additionally to the aforementioned rewards, the Top 50 players of Empire/the Top 50 players of Empire: Four Kingdoms will get the Decoration "The Stone of rising fury" with incredible 1000 public order!

    The Stone of rising fury, 1000 Public order.


    How does this event work?

    The event is based on the server vs. server structure which we used in the past, but we elaborated it in order to fit for such a special event as The Battle for Fury's Blade:


    The event will last for 3 weeks and is divided into 3 stages, which are focused on the player rankings of the servers (like you know from previous server vs. server events), as well as on the individual rankings of those respective servers.


    Stage 1 will last from the 7th of May to the 22nd of May and is the event stage were all players will participate in and where you have to compete for points in the running longterm point event.  On the server side, the intermediate rewards will be accredited after this stage, the same way as you already know from previous events like the Spring Showdown, Winter Assault, etc.

    But the very interesting part for the individual rankings starts with the end of this first stage:

    The Top 1000 players of Empire and the top 1000 players of Empire: Four Kingdoms (so 2000 players in total), will qualify for participating in stage 2 of the individual rankings.  

    Stage 2
     will last from the 22nd of May to the 25th of May and in this event stage players will compete in the Berimond Event for the most gallantry points and the servers will be accredited with more intermediate rewards.

    The aforementioned Top 1000 players of both Empire and Empire: Four Kingdoms (2000 players in total) will also compete for gallantry points in the Berimond event and only the Top 50 of Empire and the Top 50 of Empire: Four Kingdoms (100 players in total) will make it to the final stage.

    The showdown will take place in Stage 3, which will last from the 25th of May to the 30th of May.

    Servers will compete against each other in the Shapeshifter event for the final rewards.

    The players which made it to the individual rankings Top 50 of Empire and Empire: Four Kingdoms (so 100 players in total), will also compete in the Shapeshifter event and the winners of this stage will be determined and measured by the best streak they have during that event.


    The point series which are counted for the Shapeshifter run will have their last reset on the 30th of May at 1:00 AM CEST, meaning that this is the time were we will count the last relevant points for the overall ranking. If the unlikely situation occurs, where two or more players would achieve the same amount of points for the Top 3 ranks, then we will decide for the following approach of decision making: 

    If they have the exact same amount of points in the final Shapeshifter point series ranking, then we will take a look at the amount of gallantry points they made in Stage 2 (Battle for Berimond). If they also happen to have the same amount of gallantry points, then we will compare the amount of points they made during the first stage’s long term point event (Spring nights festival). If the most unlikely case occurs, that they have the same amount of points in this event as well, then we will decide by coin toss.


    How will you announce the rankings?

    Because this is a very high competition event, we will be providing you players on a daily basis with the Top 100 list for each day, until the event ends. So this means, that there will be a daily streaming of your rankings on Twitch. We also designed a special Community hub for this event and for further interactions with all of you. You can reach the hub under the fittingly called domain https://empire.community!




    As we at GGS would like to celebrate our amazing winners in an epic way, we would like the winners of the sword and the shield to send us pictures as soon as they receive the prizes and allow us to use those pictures for PR and Marketing.


    • Depending on which country our prizes will be send to, we may order a professional photographer, to take pictures.


    The winners of the sword and shield will have to sign a release of liability form, which of course will be provided by GGS.

    We further want to make you aware of the fact, that for this contest, our contest/sweepstake guidelines will apply, which you may find [HERE].

    In addition to that, GGS will pay up to $1250 to cover the send-out of our prizes (e.g. tax, parcel, etc.).

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    Conditions of participation


    The following conditions apply to participation in contests or sweepstakes (together “contests”) of Altigi GmbH under the trademark of Goodgame Studios (Goodgame Studios is a trademark of Altigi GmbH, Theodorstraße 42-90, Haus 9, 22761 Hamburg).


    Acceptance of the conditions of participation

    By participating in the contest organized by Goodgame Studios, the participant agrees to these contest conditions.


    Terms and conditions

    The terms and conditions regulate the use of the online games, mobile games and other service offers provided by Altigi GmbH / Goodgame Studios on the Goodgame Studios websites and in the app stores, and they also apply together with contests. You can read more about that on https://www.goodgamestudios.com/terms-of-service/.


    Eligible persons

    Any natural person of legal age at the time of participation and with a registered game account are eligible to participate. All employees and consultants of Goodgame Studios and companies associated with Goodgame Studios are excluded from participation. This also applies to the employees’ relatives.



    Goodgame Studios reserves the right to extend the contest and promotion period, providing timely information on Goodgame Studios' communication channels. Participation in the contest requires prior registration in the respective game.


    Exclusion of participation

    Goodgame Studios reserves the right to exclude persons from participating in the contest, in particular in the following cases: manipulation of the participation process, disturbance of the event flow or the game itself, harassment or threatening of coworkers or other participants, (attempt of) propagation of legal or immoral thought. If the conditions for a participation exclusion are present, Goodgame Studios will not pay or distribute any prizes in this case; if already granted, Goodgame Studios is entitled to reclaim it.  


    Statement of agreement

    Participants agree to the collection, processing and use of your personal data by Goodgame Studios for the purposes of the contests. The winners can be announced by submitting their in-game nickname on the action page on the platforms of Goodgame Studios. In the event that one or more photos are sent by the participants to Goodgame Studios during the contest, the entrant authorizes Goodgame Studios to use the photo as part of or as a result of the contest, also for distribution and / or publication on other media for coverage on this contest. In this respect, the participant transfers the usage and exploitation rights associated with the photo to Goodgame Studios without any restrictions. A fee claim is hereby justified neither by the participant nor by the persons to be recognized in the photo.


    Prize payouts

    Goodgame Studios will only pay out prizes to individuals who meet the preconditions of the Terms and Conditions or reclaim them, if after the payout or delivery, the terms of the payout are found to be non-existent. Goodgame Studios does not pay out prizes to minors. For cash prizes, the payment of a prize can only be made by showing a credit to a giro account, if the winner is the holder of this giro account at an international credit institution. The credit will be given within 30 days after the end of the competition. With material prizes a cash payment of the profit value or an exchange of the prize is not possible. Non-cash prizes will be delivered to the winner within 30 days of the end of the contest, unless otherwise specified. Goodgame Studios will not replace any incidental or consequential extra charges or consequential charges associated with the prize or its payout and distribution.


    Discontinuation of the contest

    Goodgame Studios reserves the right to cancel or terminate the contest at any time - especially in the case of force majeure and / or if the contest can not be held or continued for organizational, technical or legal reasons. If the contest is aborted or terminated for these reasons, the participants have no claims against Goodgame Studios.



    Goodgame Studios always strives to operate the game operation in technically flawless quality and to make accurate statements on the contest. However, Goodgame Studios can not be held liable for any misstatements (such as erroneous statements about the prize) or technical errors associated with the prize decision-making.


    Data privacy

    The personal data of the participants collected during the contest are subject to the privacy policy. Their use is solely for purposes of the contest. 
    The data will be completely deleted after the competition has been carried out in compliance with the legal retention periods. Goodgame Studios takes the handling of such data very seriously, see our Privacy Policy https://www.goodgamestudios.com/privacy-policy/.

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    Upcoming Events - May 2018

    Here you can only find the plan of our events for May. 

          Special Server vs. Server event: Battle for Fury's Blade (7th of May - 30th of May)
     Spring Night's Festival (7th- 30th of May)

     Samurai Invasion (1st-4th of May)

     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (4th-7th of May)

     War of the Realms (7th-11th of May)

     The Battle for Berimond (7th-11th of May)

     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (11th-14th of May)

     Samurai Invasion (14th-18th of May)

     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (18th-22nd of May)

     Alliance Tournament (19th-22nd of May) 

     War of the Realms (22nd-25th of May)

     The Battle for Berimond (22nd-25th of May)

     Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (25th-30th of May)

     Attack of the Shapeshifters (25th-30th of May)

     Samurai Invasion (30th of May - 2nd of June)

     Royal Quest (7th of May - 19th of May)

    Some changes to the events schedule are still possible. We will let you know if any adjustments are necessary. 

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    Dear brave warriors,

    We'll be live broadcasting via Twitch next Wednesday May 2nd at 18:00 CEST where we are going to present to you our upcoming event The Battle for Fury's Blade in detail. 

    During the broadcast, we'll show you the current art style of the new event and dig deeper into the event and our overall contest/sweepstake which is connected to it. 

    The broadcast will be hosted by our Studio's Creatives and they will guide you through the show and present The Battle for Fury's Blade event.

    After the event presentation, there will be some time to raise questions regarding the new event via the chat and we'll answer as many as possible.

    Some additional notes:
    • The live broadcast will be in English due to the nature of serving all language communities and also some of our employees hosting the show are English speakers only
    • The chat is available for anyone with a Twitch account (you can easily create one if necessary, but you can also just watch the broadcast without an account)
    • The chat will be moderated and bad language will be removed; please be so kind as to keep the broadcast constructive
    • The broadcast will most likely last one hour
    We hope to see as many of you as possible and remember to join us next Wednesday, May the 2nd, at 18:00 CET via Twitch

    See you then and have a nice weekend!

    Best regards,

    Your Goodgame Community Team 

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    Dear Community,

    the Battle for Fury's Blade event is right around the corner and will start next Monday, May the 7th. 

    As we announced in our latest Twitch Stream, we are going to provide you with your intermediate rankings on a daily basis, with the exception of weekends and holidays, beginning with Tuesday the 8th of May and ending with Wednesday the 30th of May

    This will happen via daily 10 minutes Twitch Streams, where you'll be able to take a deeper look into your ranking position at the respective time of the event! 

    We will also provide you with rankings on our specifically created Community Hub (https://empire.community), where we can also feature rankings during the Pentecost holidays (19th of May - 21st of May), as well as on the weekend thereafter (May 26th - May 27th). 

    So prepare yourselves and stay tuned for a month of conquest, battles, and rewards galore during our Battle for Fury's Blade! 

    Best regards,
    Your EmpireFamily
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    Dear Community,

    On the 2nd of May 2018 we published a Twitch-Stream for our Empire players in English and we want to provide you with a summary in your language. 

    You can also watch the Twitch-Stream again: 

    Battle for Fury's Blade Stream

    Tonight we are going to talk about the Battle for Fury’s Blade. We will introduce you to the event and we will talk about what’s going to happen and explain what’s going on during the next couple of weeks. We will show the actual prices! So you already know there are a couple of prizes and actually the main prize is going to be a real forged sword: Fury’s Blade!

    It is a Berimond reward, which you might already have seen in the game. We are going to show that to you as well, we are having it here in Hamburg. So let us look forward for what’s next:

    Let’s start with some information about the event itself:

    Battle for Fury’s Blade is going to start next Monday, May the 7th with the long term point event coming up. So the first stage will also include your long term point event points, in order to get qualified for the next round. The whole event will run until May the 30th overall. Some of the Empire players may have already seen that pop up in the game: we have stage 1 running from May 7th to May 22nd. All players can participate anyway during the whole event from May 7th to May 30th and we have some nice rewards, which we are going to talk a little bit later about. We have awesome decorations that you can get. After each stage you will also get really nice boosters, construction items, etc. so there is a lot of stuff that you can get.  

    So during the first stage we will use the long term point event points to qualify for the next round, that means in that time frame the Top 1000 players from Empire and the Top 1000 players from Empire: Four Kingdoms will be (based on their long term point event points) send to the next round. Stage 2 will run from May 22nd to May 25th. We will have the Battle for Berimond running there and depending on your gallantry points you can then qualify for the final round that will run on Stage 3 from May 25th to May 30th where we select the Top 50 players of Empire and the Top 50 players of Empire: Four Kingdoms. 
    The player who gets the best point series during the Shapeshifter event, will be eligible to win the sword! As a second prize we have a nice Shield which we will show in a couple of minutes and as a third prize we have a nice artwork. For those final 100 players that make it to the final round we have a really awesome decoration and we will also show that in a moment as well.  

    So here we go: That is “The stone of rising fury” which is for the Top 50 players of Empire and Top 50 players of Empire: Four Kingdoms with 1000 public order! That’s quite amazing! I think we never had one like that before. Then we also have another really cool decoration: That’s “The fury forge” which is for the Top 3 Servers in the global ranking with 400 public order, so also a really nice one and for all the other servers that won’t make it to the Top 3, we still have an awesome decoration with 275 public order “The fury’s tomb”. They are looking really nice and they are awesome and only created for that Battle for Fury’s Blade event. So take part, play and try to get a hold of the sword and all the other stuff and win some awesome ingame decorations, items and so on. We have a lot of it in place!

    Here we have a really, really nice and stunning Artwork with the Berimond Shield and also the Fury’s Blade from Berimond. Coming up next, we are also showing you the prizes that we have for the event. So this is the key artwork or prize visual, that we came up with. And this was painted by one of my artists, Vera. And this piece has been signed by the team, so you got this nice framed piece signed. So that is one nice prize that we are giving away. We are really proud of this artwork and i think that it is a really special thing! So we have this as a third prize. Then we have this authentic shield and this is being (again) hand painted by one of our artists and also incidentally it was the same artist, who did the key visual for the third prize, that designed this shield design and also painted it as well. We also have some interesting distress work, so it looks used, looks like its been in battle. Kind of a rigid styling, used by viking soldiers. So that’s the second prize which is super awesome! 
    But then, we go from super awesome to this proper no joking sword. It is heavy and weighs around 6 kilogram, so you will experience that if you have it in your hands for a couple of minutes then you will know that it is a real sword! We showed the trailer in the very beginning of the stream: it’s a 400-layer-folded blade out of damascus steel, so you can also see that typical framework or styling of damascus steel. The sword is not that sharp anymore than it was in the beginning, because we want to make sure that whoever might win it will not cut his fingers off or anything else. It is not so easy to recognize now, but there is also the crown of king Leopold crafted in. We have the pommel with a really nice stone in it and you can also see the lion’s head from Berimond. It is a real and authentic sword and it is heavy, it’s really heavy!  It is something really, really special and we are giving that away for the best player during the Battle for Fury’s Blade.

    So make sure you’re going to play from May 7th to May 30th! To talk a little bit about where the design for that blade came from: Incidentally by the same artist, that did the shield and the key artwork, so we’ll get to that in a bit of a second.         

    So we have a ton of stuff, we have cool decorations, we have intermediate rewards in between every stage with boosters for the upcoming event, also a couple of construction items. There is a lot of that in there and as said the main prizes: the shield, the sword and the artwork signed by the team. That’s something really, really special and unique stuff, which we are handing out.

    So on the left you can see the sword that was created by our artist Vera. This was one of the items from one of the Berimond reward sets that we created. And we felt, that this particular design would translate quite nicely into the actual sword itself, which it did. And as you can see, it is a pretty faithful adaptation of the actual design, so that’s pretty cool! So the guys at Man at Arms did a really nice job! If you have not seen the video yet, then check out the Awe Me Channel on YouTube and have a look at how they craft our sword.  

    Let us hop right into the art creation. We have some stuff prepared, which we would really like to show you, so here we go: So we showed you the actual framed key visual a few moments ago - we show it again in a minute - but i thought it would be interesting to show you some of the initial sketch work that we did, before we arrived at the eventual key visual. One of the things that we wanted to do, was to really kind of explore the ideas of how we are going to represent this sword and this shield, so obviously these two things were very important for us, in particular the sword. It was a case of how we are going to represent this, so we looked at various kind of compositions, looking at different kind of character stances, looking at the composition of where the character is going to be in the frame or that kind of thing. To look at something that was cool, interesting, dynamic and also something that would tell some kind of story. So on the left you can see a whole bunch of black and white thumbnail sketches and these are really a nice tool for us to just come up with some idea quickly, to explore a lot of these compositional ideas and then from there we take some of our favorites and start playing around with colors. So the ones on the right side - this is where we put some color in and see what this does with the composition and whether this helps it or whether or not that actually is not working that good. These were produced by one of our artists Merel. This is a great sequence of sketches, really, really nice!  Ultimately - if we go to the next ones - these were the ones again produced by Vera and you can probably recognize one of the initial sketches for the final artwork that we used. Again, Vera took the same approach. So we are looking at different compositions, dynamic character stances, mood and all that kind of thing and again exploring just in black and white, quickly coming up with sketches. I think there is some kind of a common thread: the two on the left and the one on the top right. These are the ones, that took us to our eventual image. Our favorite one from that Vera worked up into a color sketch. So now this is looking very familiar, but this is still very sketchy. But we really liked this, we really felt that this was the direction that we would like to go. So this is really focussing in on the sword and you can also see the shield on his back as well, so it’s a very dramatic-, fiery shot and then we go to the final piece itself. So this is the actual painting itself that’s been framed and it is a really nice painting! It’s got a whole bunch of mood in it, there’s some really nice detailing on the metal work, on the helmet and along the sword and Vera did a really nice job with it! We are really proud of this piece, this is a nice piece!

    For those who might be curious about it: How long does it take to create such an artwork?                                                                                                            

    The thumbnails took respectively round about a day and sometimes it goes around a little bit more, if there is any further kind of iterations. And for the final piece of art, i think that was around 3 - 3 and a half days. And you can see in the background that some of our guys took the artwork that we did and applied some nice funky animations to it, which gave it another level altogether, which is nice.          

    [Talking about the decorations]

    So this one, “The fury forge” was created by Merel and as you can see you got the shield and the sword and we just wanted to make some interesting shrine sort of thing, with these elements that remind one of a shrine. It’s like a sculpture so we wanted to carry on that way with the other decorations. We took a similar approach, but we went for the full on conversion into an actual stone sculpture, which was a really nice take by Francois! The nice thing about this one [“The fury’s tomb”] is that you got an additional sense of scale with the trees and stuff, which gives you a natural and realistic kind of feeling.

    And then with the other one [“The stone of rising fury”] it’s a variation on the previous one, which is slightly different, with a little bit different kind of trees’ color and a slightly different decorational arrangement on the sword itself. Some really nice work by the guys!        

    Twitch Stream Question: Top 3 servers reward

    Yeah the Top 3 servers of Empire and the Top 3 servers of Empire: Four Kingdoms will get the decoration. So there is no split in between the games like that.

    We will always produce new decorations like that for the game as well. The ones for the Battle of Fury’s Blade are really special and i don’t want to reveal too much, but there will also be similar events in the future where we will also have really specific decorations and rewards for those events as well.  

    Twitch Stream Question: Top 1000 reward

    For Top 1000 players we will have intermediate rewards as well after each stage, so you will get something as well, but no decoration to be honest.   

    Let’s get back to the event overview. So just that everybody is aware of, because we were already briefly talking about it: Keep in mind to really take part! On a daily basis we will have the rankings from May 8th on our Community HUB (that’s https://empire.community/language/en/ as our URL). We will share the intermediate results there, we will also have a daily livestream from next week Tuesday on (8th of May). During that livestream we will also give you each day a number and those people who are actively watching our livestream and also the uploads of the livestream later on can collect the correct number from May 7th to May 30th on. We will then give away some nice stuff as well for those people who get the correct number. We will probably have up to 10 prizes to give away. So again: Take part, watch our stream, look at the content we are creating; there is also something in addition that you can win, which is really something special as well!

    About the event itself: We were also briefly talking about that. On stage 1 we have the points from the long term point event. For stage 2 we will have the Battle for Berimond and stage 3 then the Shapeshifter coming up, where the best players can compete against each other. But there are only winners no losers, so even if you don’t make it into the Top 1000 or later into the Top 50 for each game, we have still that classic structure around, that everybody will get the intermediate rewards after each stage and everybody will win something: Either Top 3 decorations for the top servers or the other decorations for the other servers. So anybody who’s playing during that time frame is a winner, there are no losers in this type of event for everybody will get something.

    And again: the sword is very cool and really something unique! It is a very special thing and we have never done something like this before, so we are really looking forward to see from next week on, who’s gonna be able to fight for the sword and all the other prices we are handing out during that time! And in regards to the sword: There is only one of these in existence!        

    As said from next week on the event itself starts at the 7th, that’s Monday and from Tuesday on we will have everyday the intermediate results, except for next Thursday (10th of May), because that is a holiday in Germany, so that’s the only day where we won’t have the results ready for you. For all the other days you will get an update on where you are standing in the current ranking to make sure that everybody is on track of what’s going on and we will provide as much information about the event as possible during the next couple of days.  

    We hope that you all enjoyed this Battle for Fury's Blade Content Stream and please stay tuned for our upcoming daily Twitch Streams starting next week on Tuesday the 8th of May! 

    We wish you all a nice weekend!  
    Your Empire: Four Kingdoms Family
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    Fierce warriors,

    the Battle for Fury's Blade has started and all the armies of the Great Empire are set loose upon the battlefields. 
    Though it seems like you are not the only ones eager to fight for glory and the possession of the legendary weapon itself! 
    All of the notorious Invaders flock towards our Empire's borders and it seems that they took notice of your ambitions. 

    We want to support you in regards to your battle preparations and that's why we prepared a special gift for you: 

    Today, Tuesday the 8th of May, every player level 10+ will receive a Battle for Fury's Blade Ruby Payment Doubler! 
    This means that for one of your purchases we will give you an extra 100% on top, regardless when and how many rubies you purchase! You will receive your gift automatically after you login to the game and can cash it in at any time!

    We wish you the very best start into this legendary Battle for Fury's Blade and plenty of fun playing!

    Best regards, 
    Your Empire Family
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    Fierce warriors,

    You successfully held your ground against those pesky Invaders! But this fight is far from over and there is more to come in our Battle for Fury's Blade. But do not fret, for even the Emperor himself took notice of your first achievements! 

    So today marks the beginning of our Intermediate Results for Stage 1 of the Battle for Fury's Blade Event! 

    From this day onward until the 29th/30th of May we will provide you on a daily basis with your intermediate results on our specifically created Community Hub: https://empire.community (except for the 10th of May [german Holiday] and the upcoming weekend, 12th-13th of May).

    Remember to stay tuned and make sure to visit our Community Hub for the up to date Top 10 Server Rankings and the Top 10 Individual Player Rankings. This time around we even enlarged our posted rankings for our individual players to 2000, so make sure to take a closer look at them! 

    Keep on fighting and we wish you all the best for your coming battles! 
    You Empire Family
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    Hey guys,

    Based on your feedback, we will have the secrets of the forest spirits set to be available in the event shop during the next nomad's invasion for the very last time. Take this opportunity and get it with your tablets. because after that event the only way to get it will be through the equipment trader.

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    Fierce warriors,

    The fights during our Battle for Fury's Blade are still taking place and they already resulted in some major changes! 

    Our rankings for both the Top 10 Servers and our Top 10 individual Players, already started to shift quite a lot (in comparison to yesterday)! 

    So please make sure to regularly visit our Community Hub https://empire.community/ to stay up to date! 
    There you can not only find our current Top 10 rankings - which we also present to you in our daily Twitch Streams - but also a detailed list with for example up to 2000 other players' rankings. 

    We wish you Godspeed in your coming fights in the Battle for Fury's Blade! 

    Your Empire Family   
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    Hey guys,

    You can find today's rankings on the Community Hub.


  • AlpinoloAlpinolo Posts: 3,787
    And here they are, the latest rankings, presented on our Community Hub.


  • SeleneSelene Posts: 1,561
    The latest rankings are now available on our Community Hub

  • SeleneSelene Posts: 1,561

    Fierce warriors,

    The Battle for Fury's Blade is in full swing, but the first Stage of the event is almost over. 
    There are only a few more days left to get into the Top 1000 rankings of Empire, in order to qualify for our next and second stage! 

    Therefore we are giving you all a ruby payment doubler, which should help you out as a little push, to reach the needed placements on our rankings:

    Today, Friday the 18th of May, every player level 10+ will receive a Ruby Payment Doubler! 
    This means that for one of your purchases we will give you an extra 100% on top, regardless of when and how many rubies you purchase! You will receive your gift automatically after you login to the game and can cash it in at any time!

    Keep going strong, fight bravely and we wish you all the best, so that you can qualify for the next stage! 

    Best regards, 

    Your Empire Family
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    Brave Warriors,

    The latest ranking are now available on the Community Hub. Please check them out.

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    Hey guys,

    The latest rankings are ready for you! Check them out on our Community Hub.

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    edited 20.05.2018

    Today's rankings are here! Check them out on our Community Hub.

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    Hey guys,

    You can find the last intermediate rankings for stage 1 on our Community Hub. Tomorrow we will present you the final results in another ranking livestream!

  • AlpinoloAlpinolo Posts: 3,787
    Hey guys,

    Here they are, our final results for stage 1. You can find them as always on our Community Hub.

    Please note:
    The following rewards for stage 1 will be granted earliest tomorrow during the day:

    Top 1-3 server: 500 x The treasure of Berimond
    All other servers: 500 x The splendor of Berimond


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    Fierce warriors,

    The first stage of the Battle for Fury's Blade is officially over and the second stage has now begun! 
    The ongoing battles and fights won't be an easy task, for only the Top 50 players of Empire: Four Kingdoms can make it to the final round of our Battle for Fury's Blade event.

    Therefore we want to hand out a special gift to you, as a jump start for our second stage, in the form of a ruby payment doubler! This time though, it's going to be a little different: this payment doubler will only be given to players that do not have any payment doublers active at the time of said payment doubler's distribution. We will hand them out tomorrow, Thursday the 24th of May at ~ 10:00 AM CEST.

    This means that all players without any payment doubler by tomorrow the 24th of May at ~ 10:00 AM CEST will get a new one, while players with active payment doublers won't. The payment doubler itself will work out like always, meaning that for one of your purchases we will give you an extra 100% on top, regardless of when and how many rubies you purchase! You will receive your gift automatically after you login to the game and can cash it in at any time!

    Keep going strong, fight bravely and we wish you all the best, so that you can qualify for the next stage!

    Best regards,

    Your Empire: Four Kingdoms Family
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