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Fastly leveling up Hall of legends

Hi guys does anyone can share his own experience to how to fastly level up the hall of legends for attaining 6th wave


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    edited 23.11.2020
    Hey! As I recently attained the 6th wave, I think I might have a helpful experience to share. 

    I've been on the game for about 9 months now, actively playing for more than 7 months and was lucky enough to be member of a great alliance. So, as soon as I reached level 70, my teamates with an experience of about 8 years (?!) told me the best strategy was to quickly attain the 6th wave, so that I can earn more glory points and consequently a better rank at the events.

    And that's what I did, I exclusively leveled up only the hall of legends until attaining the 6th wave, which, to be honest, took awhile. I am now level 500, have the 6th wave but my food produstion is about 30k at its highest, due to the fact that it was completely left out of my upgrading plans till now. Why was that? Because of the hall of legends, that requires a full storage of wood and stone, and about 40k of two special resources at a time. Which means, that unless you spend all day attacking, you will need help from your alliance, especially for special resources, as they are harder to find,  Apart from that, let me spoil to you that the time tokens needed in order to speed the whoole procoss up, are quite a lot. 

    However, if you ask me if it was worth it, of course it has! I now can loot much more glory at the evemts, so I can rank higher, so I can earn the food production boosters they offer as rewards. And with the boosters, I get to have a higher food production, It works like a chain. 
    Of course now I have to level up all my farmhouses, that will be a longer procces but I won't have to worry about delaying me from attaining the 6th wave. 

    To sum it up:
    + You get the 6th wave earlier -> more glory -> more rewards
    - Probably will delay the upgrade of other buildings, such as farmhouses, however you can easily catch up if you rank good

    This is a really long response, but hopefully I gave you an interesting insight of the situation, as well as a brief list of the pros and cons for me. 
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