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Earn a place of honour and renown

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The summer might be drawing to a close but the action is heating up in the Great Empire. King Eric expects you to honour his martial traditions and defeat your enemies.

Conquer all in the Kingdom’s League

Across the Great Empire the Lords and Ladies are fighting against our collective enemies. The vicious warriors of the Daimyo, the foul creatures of the Scavenger King and the fleet footed raiders of the Khan. King Eric will reward those that work the hardest to preserve the Great Empire.

The event starts today, conquer the Kingdom’s League now!

The Enemy is at your Door!

The Bloodcrows are here and the Scavenger King wants to pick over the bones of our great Kingdom. Repugnant and nasty warriors already slink through our lands stealing and scavenging as they go. Will not someone stand against the Invaders, will you not stand against them? Let our glorious banners be raised, let our swords and shields glint in the sunshine. Let us bring forth the foul warriors of the Scavenger King from their shadows, revealed in their corrupt and loathsome forms. Let them be cast out of our Kingdom. Rally Lords and Ladies for today we go to war.


Benefit from the 200% Prime Time today!

The doors of the treasury have been thrown open. The great and glorious King Eric has decreed that the war effort must be boosted with a 200% Prime Time on rubies. This bounty will only be available a few times over the course of Today!

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