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Lpte booster

Jenne (NL1)Jenne (NL1) NL1 Posts: 578
edited 19.08.2020 in General Discussions

So because of the f*ckup on horizon there is now a lpte booster. Good to know that it was posted in the Italian section. Great job mods.

So the players that didnt join horizon are now punish on the regular server in the lpte competition. Horizon and regular is sperated, Dont mix it you bunch of fools!

BTW: the 9 years anniversary bonus didnt remain 24 hours like it was saying in the mail. It popups up when I was online at 10.00 but 23 hours later I wanted to take it and it was gone. Nice happy 9 years celibration party. For each bug/f*ck up a candle to blow out. Be ready to do CPR because you all will ran out of air.


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