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Note: this list is not definitive. It's only the bugs that have arisen in last 2 Updates. 

  • Wall expansion for resources not possible for some players (device-dependent)
  • Icons for some troops and tools missing (showing either error icon or are blank)
  • Castle flags are wrong (everyone's are the same, not matching chosen Coat of Arms)
  • In recruitment, when you dismiss troops it no longer updates food consumption. Have to exit Recruitment window and come back in to see new consumption. Extremely frustrating.
  • Honor and glory gains/loss not showing on targets.
  • Text of 'coins received' in battle report has wrong color
  • Color of food should be red when running negative. 
  • Hunting lodge active indicators missing
  • Global food effect not working properly
  • New hospital filter not visible
  • Khan rage points update with a lag
  • Outer Realms Daily Task resets 30 minutes before clock finishes.
  • Sometimes can’t select Travelling Merchant outside castle (in both main server and Outer Realms). Can see it, but can’t choose it. Have to exit and sign back in, then Merchant is in different location and can be selected.
  • Troops bought in Horizon disappearing after a few hours.


  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,320
    2 more:
    • When HoL is set to Defense, 5th defense wall tool is missing
    • When build tents in Berimond, troop capacity no longer updates immediately. There's a long lag.

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