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moat upgrade

I have a quest to upgrade the moat, however when selected it does nothing. How do I complete the quest?


  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,323
    click on your moat (at the drawbridge). do you get an upgrade arrow?

    maybe you're not yet high enough level to upgrade it?

  • wiffyb (US2)wiffyb (US2) US2 Posts: 2

    I get an arrow but its a ruby upgrade. Aren't quests just resources? My moat is level 1, the quest is to own moat level 2.

  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,323
    there's both ruby level 2 moat and rss level 2 moat.  (The rss version is called "moat", the ruby version is called "castle moat")

    If you already have the level 1 ruby moat you can only upgrade to level 2 ruby moat. the rss version is not possible (because level 1 ruby moat is stronger than level 2 rss moat)

    if so, you can't complete that quest. (I'm level 800, I've never done that quest).

    Moat strengths
    Moat level 1  +10%
    Moat level 2  +15%
    Castle moat level 1  +20%
    Castle moat level 2  +30%

    on the other hand, if your moat is rss level 1 (ie not ruby) then maybe you have to do other quests and level up before you unlock the rss level 2 moat.

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