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February 2020 - Update Notes

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A golden band of light frames the distant mountains, the fingers of light slowly emerging from the jagged peaks and stretching across the land and engulfing the castles and villages of the Great Empire. The sonorous bleating of a horn being blown in the far distance hails the return of the veterans from the Outer Realms.  

The campaign was hard fought and you heard little from your commanders on the front. Little did it matter as you were victorious, conquering in the name of King Eric and hauling home the plunder of the vanquished. Yet as you look at the nearing soldiers you see that something isn’t right. The horn becomes more insistent, more of a warning than the sound of victory.

As the host of warriors draws close you realise your mistake, these are no longer your valiant soldiers. Instead these are foul Shapeshifters intent on your destruction.

Outer Realms - Rise of the Shapeshifters 

You will notice some changes to the Outer Realms the next time you play! The  Shapeshifters have invaded and it’s not going to be easy to defeat them. So as these vile shapeshifting mutants entered the Outer Realms, so too did the very landscape shift its own shape and will have quite the terrifying and corrupted new look. 

But this is not the only change: We’ll also introduce a completely new scoring that will be based on what is called attack tiers. Let us provide you with a quick summary of what’s new and important to know with this scoring: 

General Information 

  • The overall event overview will show you a new teaser image of the event.
  • Your castle will look the same, but the world map has been heavily corrupted by the Shapeshifters. 
  • The event itself requires you to engage your enemies both in PvE as well as in PvP battles! 
  • There will also be a new visual for the latest scoring mechanic.
  • This new event version will have a runtime of 1 week. 
  • There will be no daily ranking, only one final ranking. 
  • Rewards will be the same as you know from previous Outer Realms events. 
  • One new equipment set was added to the equipment trader:
    • this set will have some effects that will provide you with bonuses against Monoliths of Corruption which you’ll be able to obtain with rubies 

  • There will be no protection mode. 


  • Every player starts with an attack tier of 1 (and with 0 tonics - more on that later)
  • Your main objective for PvE battles are the Monoliths of Corruption. 
  • Attacking Monoliths of Corruptionwill earn you tonics (again more on that later). 
  • Every monolith will have their own unique corruption, which will grant it a specific bonus (e.g. better defense on the flanks, etc.). These will reroll/reset after a monolith has been defeated or when you increase your attack tier (and can be rerolled/reset manually for rubies). 
  • By attacking enemy players you’ll be able to increase your own attack tier. 
    The level of monoliths will be the same as your attack tier (e.g. attack tier 1 → monolith level 1, attack tier 50 → monolith level 50). 
  • Higher monolith levels mean stronger enemies and better effects (up to a certain limit), so be prepared for some tough encounters. 


  • Tonics are very important for this new event mechanic as you cannot attack other players’ main castlesif you don’t have any tonics. You can, however, still attack their outposts and castles in the other kingdoms. 
  • Attacking monoliths will provide you with tonics, but you can only get 1 tonic per successful attack
    • You can, however, use a specific tonic booster enabling you to receive 1 more tonic. 
  • You will need a minimum of 4 tonicsin order to launch a special decontamination attack on another player’s main castle, if the player has the same attack tier as you or higher. 
    • Additionally, you’ll get an attack boost with every 4 additional tonics you have (only for an attack on players of the same attack tier or higher)
      • This bonus decreases for the higher ranks e.g. 8 tonics provide you with a 1% bonus on players with the same level, but 0% bonus on higher level players. 
      • 12 tonics provide you with a 2% attack bonus against players with the same level and with a 1% bonus on higher level players, etc.
  • In order to attack players of a lower attack tier, you need to have a minimum of 8 tonics, but here comes the tricky bit: 
    • If your attack tier is 5 and you have 8 tonics you can attack players who have an attack tier of 4 (1 attack tier lower then you are)
    • The lower the level of the player you want to attack, the more tonics will be needed. The amount of tonic needed increases by 4 per level:
      • 12 tonics are required to attack players which are 2 attack tiers below you
      • 16 tonics are required attack players which are 3 attack tiers below you
      • you’d need 20 tonics to attack players which are 4 attack tiers below you 
  • You will always use all your tonics when you launch a decontamination attack, regardless how many you have (again, you need a minimum of 4). 
    • If your attack is successful, you will lose all of your tonics from your attack, your attack tier will increase, and monoliths will level up.
    • If your attack is unsuccessful, half of your tonics will be salvaged.

Final Ranking

  • Your final event rank will depend on your attack tier.
  • You cannot lose a rank by losing an attack. 
  • If players have the same attack tier, then we’ll have a look at the amount of tonics they have left at the end of the event, with the player with the most tonics achieving a higher rank.
    • Should these be the same as well, then the players end up on the same final rank. 
  • If the number of tonics are the same then the players will both achieve the same rank position. 

Booster changes - Percentages Run In Sequence 

The behaviour of boosters in the game has changed. Previously you would only get the benefits of the highest booster that you bought, with a higher value booster superseding a lower value booster. After today's update, this will no longer be the case. Instead you’ll see that boosters will run one after the other in sequence from the highest to the lowest.

Wheel of Unimaginable Affluence - New Rank Rewards

We will implement some new rank rewards for our Wheel of Unimaginable Affluence. 

This will be done by introducing entirely new reward packages to the wheel: 

  • 1 package containing high public order decorations in the top ranks (e.g. 700-900 PO decorations)
  • 1 package containing temporary general items that increase the number of your attack waves
  • 1 package containing appearance items that include temporary world map objects and appearance build items
  • 1 package containing relic equipment, which might even provide you with e.g. 80-100 / 90-100 power equipment.
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