Nomad Single Player Rewards

Is it just me or do the individual rewards for Nomads seem a little off? Usually in any other event (FLs, Samurai, Bloodcrows) I’ll be able to get a few of the lower rewards with not much effort but in Nomads even after 15-20 hits (which would give a substantial amount of rewards in Samurais) I’m not even up to the third set of individual rewards, which are quite lackluster.

Maybe it’s worth looking to balance the amount of points required for the rewards? Otherwise the event as a whole seems quite unrewarding compared to the others.


  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) Posts: 925AU1
    edited 14.02.2020

    @MalBZRKER v2 (AU1) I agree that individual rewards are poor for your level as you can't hit khan to boost your score. It seems insane to think that you can get those scores unless you're lvl70 and even then it's not easy.

    I suspect there is a copy / paste error here somewhere. We had that issue with alliance rewards before. Individual rewards for lvl70 max out at 500k points. But you need over 600k to get the decoration?

    So yes, GG might want to look at reward requirements for lower levels.

  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) Posts: 1,030INT4
    maybe they fixed the alliance rewards (was that what yesterday's downtime was about?) but somehow screwed up the individual rewards?
  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) Posts: 925AU1

    Those target are a smidgen too harsh for a lvl 48, imo.

  • WillyWiz (NL1)WillyWiz (NL1) Posts: 922NL1

    I bet the first answer from GGS will be that it was intentional.

  • CM_Crom CruachCM_Crom Cruach Posts: 662Community Manager

    I bet the first answer from GGS will be that it was intentional.

    It is intentional.... anyway with that out of the way I will see with Game Design what was intended.
  • Why would it be intended for the rewards for levels 40-49 to be harder to obtain than the equivalent rewards for level 70s (which allegedly maxed out at around 500k points), despite it being much harder to attain even close to the same amount of points?

    Was it as difficult for those in the 50-59 bracket as well?

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