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January Update Notes

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The shrill call of the seabirds herald a new morning in the Great Empire. King Eric has been hard at work and has changed the delivery service! Now you will have your official letters organised more efficiently while the special offers will be reduced and moved to the store. Rejoice!

New Building - Building Districts

Districts are new buildings that can have other buildings stored inside them. The amount of buildings that can be stored inside a District will vary depending on the level of the District.

They behave like normal buildings, meaning that they can be built from the build menu, can be demolished, upgraded and also have an info pop up. They cannot burn or be destroyed and may only be demolished if there are no buildings stored inside.

Districts come in different types, each type will have a certain set of buildings that can be stored inside it.

Players will be able to build the District in the main castle of the Great Empire as well as in the Everwinter Glacier, the Burning Sands, and the Fire Peaks kingdoms. Districts may also be built inside Outposts in the Great Empire.

Only certain buildings will be allowed to be put inside the District. Those buildings, once inside the district, will still work as usual and all their effects will still be valid for the castle.

If you want to get the first district, the Military District, you are going to have to fight.
It’s the first prize in our monthly events such as the Ice championship! Sharpen your swords, this is going to be a hard fight.

Special Offers tab in messages inbox

A new tab will be added to the messages inbox. This tab will be reserved for special offers.

Events Overview camp

The events overview camp will focus on gathering all current active event camps into one single big camp. By tapping on the main camp, players will be able to see all the current active events.

New Decoration and build items


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