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Offer Changes and the migration to the shop-Discussion

Hello All,

Since no separate discussion thread was put up by CM team, I too the liberty to setup one.

Hope CM team do not mind.

removing Ruby bonus with Equipments and troops combination is a very bad idea!

this will further discourage players from spending, which as per my understanding has gone down drastically 

Well the combination of items, boosters, resources, etc could have been made more attractive to encourage players to spend.

"Value for money" is all players looking for!
We post our feedbacks, observations, opinions and suggestions to help make the game better!

We express our anger and frustrations not that we hate the game, but because we still love the game!

We are sticking around for the past 7+ years in this game itself is the proof that we love this game!

So atleast give 50% of what we request for and suggest to implement, you will see this game will reach new heights of success! 



  • Verduveltje (NL1)Verduveltje (NL1) NL1 Posts: 500

    Next update, probably monday...

    Its likely that the shop gets a update, as it had been updated today on empire.

    On empire the tools and units that are available for gold coins have been added to the silver tab aswell. So they are available for Both gold and silver coins now.

    Hope this Will be the same for e4k

    Veni vidi Verduveltje
  • Jenne (NL1)Jenne (NL1) NL1 Posts: 575
    I thought that BGS was going to focus them self on mobile gaming. +- 2 years ago. 
    But Empire (PC) > then Four Kingdom?  

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