Serious Bug Report: Production stalled

WillyWiz (NL1)WillyWiz (NL1) Posts: 838NL1
edited 01.12.2019 in Technical Support

See the screens

Production stalls due to unknown reasons. It is not just a visual glitch.


  • Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaa

    Farmers and militia on strike!

  • Black RoseBlack Rose Posts: 346Moderator
    Oh, that's a new one. Are they still stalled?
  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) Posts: 786AU1

    Quick hit him!!!!!!!!

  • Lezley (GB1)Lezley (GB1) Posts: 2,466GB1
    I had this yesterday also, hitting the one slot at a time or along slots button wakes it up.

    So many bugs in game now it's getting ridiculous.
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  • Jenne (NL1)Jenne (NL1) Posts: 468NL1
    Maybe you need to buy a subscription if you want that it auto continues :smile::smile: :smile: :smile: 

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  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) Posts: 917INT4
    edited 02.12.2019

    This bug was happening in Horizon too. Production AND recruitment.

    As Lezley said, you have to change the slots type to get it moving again - if you notice it's stalled. Too bad if you don't notice. Have to constantly monitor all your production and recruitment. LOL

  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) Posts: 786AU1
  • LagerthaLagertha Posts: 548Moderator
    This is being looked at already by the right team at GG.  Hopefully, a fix will come soon.
  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) Posts: 786AU1

    Is there a right and wrong team? Is that what the problem has been?

  • WillyWiz (NL1)WillyWiz (NL1) Posts: 838NL1
    edited 03.12.2019

    It is like Twix. They have a left and a right team. But because all members have left the left team we have to write to the right team.

  • Black RoseBlack Rose Posts: 346Moderator
    I'm in the mood for a Twix now. Thanks! 

    But yes, QA did let us know that they are aware of the glitch. Hopefully, it'll make its way into the next update. 
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