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With the rewards in the new Horizon event this is now possible - and some are already there or very close. Food production and the decrease food consumption - voila !!

WHY -- Seriously - WHY on GG earth would that be even considered ???  Please - GG tell me the plan / thought process / reasoning ? You are going to have players able to hold 700,000 defenders in a few months ... 70,000 used to be an amazing accomplishment - 10  times that number - why - please explain !!


  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,246
    edited 15.11.2019

    So u feel the need to compete and spend more.

  • Tsiisus (SKN1)Tsiisus (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 76
    edited 16.11.2019

    Good point, with a level 5 relic bakery defenders don't eat anything. Besides that the building materials from just one event allowed me to add +12k more food production and 60k food storage space In every castle. Not forgetting the relic storehouse and additional 50k foodstorage.

    Are GG trying to destroy PVP completely? The defence favoring relic eq, Ridiculously overpowered wall unit limit build items, endless supply of black Lime and veteran deff plus all these recent improvements to food poruction. And meanwhile no improvements to attacking. PVP has been on downfall ever since you made glory avaiable through events. Recently it's been more like a free fall.

    I see only 2 options: Fix PVP or merge this game to GG big farm.

  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,381
    I assume (hope) that this is part of a long-term plan and they will subsequently make similarly big changes to attack strength/size. If not, the imbalance is insane. 
  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) INT4 Posts: 1,381
    neutral to PVP? the number of defenders you can hold has increased. the number of attackers you can send on 1 attack hasn't changed.
  • HYDROgoose (AU1)HYDROgoose (AU1) AU1 Posts: 147

    What rank did you get?

    So you filled up everysingle castle with level 1s or so?

    HYDROgoose @ GG 1
  • Verduveltje (NL1)Verduveltje (NL1) NL1 Posts: 500

    Yeah, and plenty of material left :)

    HQ 10x lvl4 now. The other castles 10x lvl1

    And all castles a lvl1 storage item

    I can upgrade alot more but plenty of food for now

    Veni vidi Verduveltje
  • Verduveltje (NL1)Verduveltje (NL1) NL1 Posts: 500

    However the reduced consumption Comes with the bakery. And nobody van have more than 1 of those (at this moment)

    Veni vidi Verduveltje
  • HYDROgoose (AU1)HYDROgoose (AU1) AU1 Posts: 147

    Were you able to upgrade the bakery once you recieved it and if so what was the cost?

    HYDROgoose @ GG 1
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