Goodbye Fellow GG Family

I just wanted to say goodbye to all the players that I have tried to help. After several years of service GG has seen to dismiss me without cause. However I just want the players and fellow Moderators that I have worked with in the past that I appreciate all of your feedback and warm welcome. I wish you all the best and know I have always tried to help you as players and fought for you all to make the game better. I will miss you all and wish you the best in the future wars to come in game. May your troops feet be light , their armor tonight and their aim true. Again I will miss you all.

Kind Regards



  • CM_Crom CruachCM_Crom Cruach Posts: 566Community Manager
    I would like to remind people of the idiom that a story told by one person is only ever half a story.

    Hadrian thank you for your service for our players. We wish you well in your future endeavours.
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