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This post beautifully symbolizes the way I experience GGE:4K game updates!

Out of the blue there is a sign of life! When i start reading the announcement, it seems as if the author was having a serious stroke... jep... must have initiated somewhere between starting the new post and writing the first word. 

Anyway, in the midst of all the crap you can tell that something is new, and that someone left jet another drawing their child and the dog shat on.

The picture perfectly symbolizes it for me.

Something is added, lets say a "completely new and eco villa park" is available for construction.

When we drive into the access road we see the new villa park, as announced! Great!

In addition to the villa park... Looks like something changed near the entrance gate. It's a new merchant, selling organic pottery.

The sign on the new workplace next too the merchant reads: "home made wooden table desig specialist", however... the only thing for sale is a bowling shoe polish service which costs 5 pigeon hearts. 

Upon entering the villa park it looks nothing like the announcement.

We have to pay 5 pigeon hearts to get to your villa quickly. walking is possible, however you are limited to 5 steps a minute, 5 additional steps can be bought for 1 pigeon kitten each. 

When entering a villa it looks like someone plastered the inside of a Mobile home, like the one a couple blocks away.

When reconcisering the whole thing it turns out the entire park is cast in stone and impossible to sell nor demolish.

besides that, the entire neighorhood has deteriorated and due to the gruwrsomenres of the villa park and lack of any decorative appeal.

Veni vidi Verduveltje


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